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  • hallo!
    na, gern geschehen!

    ich bin seit 2004 dem Herrn Mozza verfallen. Wie bei vielen anderen Jung-Fans war natürlich 'Irish Blood, English Heart' der Auslöser. Hab mir dann innerhalb kürzester Zeit alles nachgekauft, was gerade so erhältlich war - und seitdem steigert sich die Mozza-Manie von Jahr zu Jahr immer mehr.

    Jaaaaaa, 2006 bei seinem ersten Österreich-Konzert am Frequency Festival. der wahrscheinlich geilste Tag meines Lebens! Danach startete meine Moz-Manie eigentlich so richtig! :)

    Nein! Gibt es doch einen Ösi-User hier? Hab schon mal die Kewpie gefragt und die hat gemeint, daß die wenigen Ösi-User alle so gut wie nie aktiv sind.

    Ja, Tschüss passt perfekt. Kannst aber auch 'Baba' oder 'Servus' sagen :D
    Hi Sista (Di), how did it work out for you with the DVD? I'm sorry I couldn't help you, but I was so busy on my vacation at the time and internet access was hard to come by. I had to go into the Manchester public library and pay.:( (the same library that Moz's mum worked at years ago!).:D I hope that you figured it out. I am no expert, as I am just learning to use Nero right now. I have burned some things, and then I go to do it again, and it doesn't work, or I forget what I did previously. How about these new Moz pictures? :horny: The man is just getting more handsome and sexy with age. Like a fine wine. Take care -- Diane
    I liked the interview too! I loved the part where he says he wants to make a lot of money, because what he does, is worth a lot of money! HAHA!!

    Viele Grüsse aus Holland
    O hi, no I haven't been around much lately. I'll have a look and try to translate it!

    This Sunday has been very silent and very grey indeed! But hey, that's why it's autumn right??
    Well, I also have "acquaintances" ;) You'll have to PM me who it was... just curious. I do agree, there's a lot here to not even concern yourself with. Real life is bad enough! :p

    I loved QAF! I have seen all the seasons, but never the UK version. I will have to check out your Moz links on the boy kiss thread :) You know when you said "it" was a fetish of yours... I found some solace in that. ;) ha ha It's all can loving anyone be wrong?! :D

    Be well, sista!
    Well, for starters, you're a wealth of Moz info, pics, videos, interviews, etc!! :) I've always admired your threads and posts. Keep 'em comin'!
    Pay no attention to those who call you or IRL.
    haha yes I have indeed gone dark! much sexier and demure i think! and of course more Morrissey! ;-p Hope you have a smashing weekend too! xxxx
    Thank you a lot for all these links, they were really useful, and my sister adored them even more! She's a huge Moz fan, she had been with my parents when he had done the concert here in Greece. Lucky girl, I'm so jealous!!!
    Yes it is true. My parents, especially my mother, introduced him to me. I didn't use to listen to a lot of music until I became 11 something. I started listening to the same music my parents did. I still do, of course, because that's what I call music. It's not of the bad quality the music has now, imo new music scene has absolutely nothing good, except for Daffy (the girl who sings Mercy, she's amazing!).
    Anyway, one day my mother gave me my fave Smiths album to listen, Meat Is Murder. The 1st song I heard was How Soon Is Now, because, I still don't know why, but I was attracted by the title. It's still my fave song ever! After that, I asked some more CDs from them, and she gave me all the rest of the albums. When I heard all of them, I told her if she has something similar to this. She gave me all of her Depeche Mode CDs, two The Cure CDs and all the CDs from Moz. I loved them all, but DM is one of my fave bands ever now... Moz is my fave singer though!!!
    As for live shows, my sister says she'll take me with her in a concert of him even if she'll have to leave her job for it! She's a bigger Moz fan than me, I can say. Her room is full of his posters (so does mine, lol!), and she speaks about him ALL the time!!!!! That's a bit insane, if you ask me!!! My mother has an autograph from Moz, she said he's very sweet! My dad gets a bit jealous sometimes when she worships Moz's gorgeousness (I like him too, he's veeery handsome. My boyfriend has the same lips and eyes with him....), but since my mom ain't a vegeterian (like me!), he doesn't have to worry that much!
    I also want to thank you for your compliment on my English. I don't think I can speak them very-very good, but I have a degree, and I'll try to have another one!
    Can I ask you something? How do you know all these Greek phrases? Have you ever been here? If so, did you like it? You seem to like Greece...:D
    I can say I'm a bit of an obsessive fan. I generally listen to lots of music, and play lots of music. I love playing Moz's songs on the piano!!! I think I'm pretty good at that!!!:D
    I want to apologise for not responding you for so long. I know it was very impolite from me, but I honestly had to do my school homework, and I felt terribly tired. I apologise once more.:o I hope you are not mad at me.:D
    Many kisses, Georgina (that's my real name, but most people say it sucks, that's why I didn't put it as a username!):D
    I am sorry for not writing you a response for so long but I promise I will later, in a few hours. I have some lessons to do, and I'm very pissed with my teachers. From the 1st day they give us homework! Mercy, please!!! I have lots of things to write you about my parents' stories! They're all so exciting!!!!
    nope. lived in New Jersey my whole life! there are Baptists all over, not just in the South ;) I was raised by my grandparents who were Christians and they brought me up in church and put me in Christian schools cuz they just wanted to "protect" me, but I ended up rebelling badly for a while, but now I'm settled somewhere in between. :)
    Ευχαριστώ (it means thaaank you! lol!) !!! First of all, I wanted to say, in case you don't know, that I'm a girl. I've been a Moz (and Smiths fan) for 1,5 year only. But I honestly adore him. I think he's incredibly smart. Unfortunately I did not attend his concert here in Greece, but my parents did. I think it was in 2002-3, wasn't it? I'd be a little too young to go there (but now I wish I had been there!). I'm actually 13,5 years old. I'm proud to be so young and not listen to the same awful music like the other people of my age. I don't worry so much about the others being rude. All I want is to meet new people and tell my opinions for this amazing person (and band, once!)
    Do you listen to other music artists??? If so, who are they???
    Hi Sista, Yes, I'm taking the train from London Euston to Manchester. Just waiting for the price of the train ticket to drop. I saw it for 16 pounds and should have bought it, but I passed as it was too far in advance. The bus is far too long, 5 hours+ and I feel sick on buses!! :0) I already have my hotel in Manchester....thanks for all the info. I'm already starting to feel weak thinking of standing in front of Salford Lads Club!!
    My parents have an Amzon account but i have never thought to look there:p. Thank you for that. I will have a wee look and see if i can get one.
    If i got an Ebay account i actually would have no money becuase i would spend it all on Moz stuff:p.
    Thank you for that:). I hope you are well.
    No, although I do like him in that chain! It came about because I was struggling to think of a username, and it was about the time that 'Who Put the M in Machester' was the M stands for my first name letter and 'in Oz' because I live in Australia (or Oz for short). So, it both kind of spells out MOZ, phew, long answer!
    Hi Sista! Schön von Dir zu hören! Drücke mich grade vor doofer Uni-hausarbeit. Bildschen sind gepostet. Und das von Dir gesuchte heißt bei comtesse 'pensive' und ist auch gepostet.
    Herzliche Grüsse aus dem Süden -

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