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    My reputation

    and is this proof im important too. txts are fake, just like his autographs you dumb bitch
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    Collection for sale

    He's just messaged me too, such a nice chap
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    Anthony McGill - Glasgow snooker player

    Selby never played well at all there, i'm not his biggest fan but don't like seeing champions go out early. If you're off ur game in snooker just a fraction, you'll get beat, standards so high
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    Morrissey and his nipples

    Yeah he nipped it in the bud a long time ago
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    TTY - The World Will Listen! 20 April 2015

    What about animals that eat other animals.
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    Hillarious i know, i made all that up, i love weed, its great !
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    Yeah, me & my mates used to smoke it 24/7, from the age of about 14, safe to say it ruined most our childhoods, for me and I'll speak for them aswell, it was a gateway drug onto bigger, harder stuff. I laugh at people who smoke it socially or on weekends, call themselves pot smokers, say how...
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    The Smiths - posters/rare records/postcards/original t shirts for sale

    Oh no, i wouldn't go anywhere near £2000, but for the interest of fun, get it up on eBay and get the feelers out, gauge offers, and like u said, the negative sleeve went within 24hrs for £3,000 so it's not out the question that someone would pay a crazy amount for this. I personally think your...
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    Smiths will reform

    Never, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever gonna happen, ever! Let it go
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    "Our Frank" 7" promo wanted

    Hi, i'm wanting an our frank promo, just seen one on eBay, £350 or best offer, prices are getting ridiculous for this particular 7". I would offer £250 for anyone who's got a spare copy in good condition. Thanks
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    B-Sides - Morrissey vs The Smiths

    Smiths b's are better but heres my tops, (in some sort of order) 1) Jeane 2) Well I wonder 3) Handsome Devil 4) Please, Please, Please 5) Back to the old house 6) Girl Afraid 7) London 8) Half a person 9) Cemetry Gates 10) I keep mine hidden 1) Jack the ripper 2) I've changed my plea 3) Such...
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    "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

    Re: "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic Thanks - - - Updated - - - Thanks
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    "Autobiography" republished as a Penguin Modern Classic

    Anyone know when this hits the shelves in the UK? (I'm sure there's info buried in this thread somewhere but i'm too lazy to sift through it!)
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