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    More London dates

    Palladium for me
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    Let's see a show of hands

    Mal Great idea, thanks for doing this
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    Grimsby back on sale...

    Before I ship them back to ticketmaster as I cant get there on the Tuesday - do any of you want two standing for Grimsby?
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    I bought it - hard cash - no bidding. I dont know who paid £400 or £200 but neither of them was me.
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    GG 7" promo has just arrived (stateside). I probably paid too much for it but I don't have eBay deep pockets.
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    Stunning news from

    Re: GG and album here in perfect condition, all from recordstore.
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    Stunning news from

    I've had an email too - GG bundle and album being shipped together - lets see what the postman makes of that.
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    2011 Tour

    Re: Tour!!!!! Yes both from ticketmaster - here at the end of last week
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    Wild Beasts

    I've seen them live previously - good live band. Looking forward to these dates (and they're not expensive to see - bonus)
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    Morrissey at Hop Farm Festival?

    Glad you are all on the case, I've got friends with text mania letting me know about this. Look at who else is on the bill people - fireworks I reckon. Would love to see him play - but this wouldnt be a festival I'd choose.
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    Strange - I've checked mine it looks like the one on Flax's site - price was good but they should have told you about that.
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    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    The Wedding Present......The Wedding Present......The Wedding Present......The Wedding Present...... all over the place Nottingham Weds, Oxford Sat, Cambridge Sun, Koko Monday and Leamo on the 15th:thumb:.
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