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  • It's suppose to clear up so it shouldn't be around that long.

    Everyone is bored today. Everyone i contact in fact. maybe peeps are trying to tell me something...:)
    I think you credit human being with too much logic...:) If 90% of it is rubbish then logically we should only worry 10% of the time. And my quota is much higher..:)

    Okay hun, have a lovely sleep and speak soon....xxxxx
    He just just do it to be ironic...:) I remember that great quote when someone asked him if he's ever do a cover version of 'Reasons to be cheerful' and he said "I think it's would have to be an instrumental"..:) He's brilliant in print..:)

    worrying does become a habit, but it becomes logical not to worry too much. I must try it sometime...lol!
    Moz either attracts them or causes them. I love the guy but he's never covered 'Happy Days Are Here Again'. The old bugger kens...lol!

    I am going to stop worrying. 90% of what you worry about never happens so i'm sure my lottery win is still safe in HBOS..lol!
    That usually takes time, don't worry about it. They are a complete shambles at SAAS but they'll sort it out eventually - it was the same for me last year.

    You should learn to relax and not panic so much hun. You are doing fine try to enjoy things. Morrissey does attract many worriers..:)
    Or just enjoy the free time you have and you are a student, so it's better than a kick up the arse..:) (Just, lol!)

    Soft Walls? Are you sure that drink was all you had?...:)
    I have noticed that. And you were quite right..:)

    Ah, i've been there can't remember who to see and when. Quite a small intimate place..:)
    Good venue, though i can't recall it. Where is it?...lol!

    Yes, people saying you'd get an interview and then not letting you know is VERY common these days!
    Morrisons? That'll be okay. I take it that Asda didn't get back to you? No probs if they didn't.

    Where was the gig? You've got your whole life to drink. I have really cut down and feel better for it...:)
    it didn't. it will happen though just not yet - probably next week. I'm not too worried about it, there's no point.

    I hope you aren't drinking my dear?..:) Was the gig good? Or is that an incredibly thick question?..:)
    I am doing alright..:)

    How was your day today? What kind of work have you been doing?

    And how are you doing?..:)
    It's better now..:) You mustn't laugh at me, i have had a hard time..:)

    How has college been and stuff?
    yes that makes it even harder...ok..i have to go off now..you know why:D
    but it was nice to speak to you;)
    xoxo miry
    ohyes..i can underline this..I#m also tired all the time..well..nevertheless we have to go through..do you study literature? When do you got semester break?
    btw i got holidays now..so i think i will get the time to finish my open letter now..mon dieu..:doh: well, my education is really interesting but also very hard..soo much stuff to do..as you maybe already realized i'm not able to get the newest stuff in here..it's so beautiful to be back again..really!!! You could not imagine HOW beautiful:D
    hi sweet and tender hooligan,

    so do you are very obssesed about Morrissey, so do I!
    I'm looking for friends on this forum! It's pathetic, I know, but it's this!
    so I hope to see you later!
    yeah sooo busy .. mind you in 5 minutes im heading to bed with my lemsip as i am under the weather and flu-ed , and to make matters worse imm working tommorow grrrr
    you have been some what negelcted this week , i have been busy busy busy all week work has been murder

    how did the asda thing go are you an employee yet
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