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  • How am I even remotely Alfie? Lol. More like Alf. Lol.

    Lol. Wow, that is hilarious. However, when I tried to search for images I got porn. :(

    No, he stopped posting months before I claimed he was dead.
    I wish you would have told me you were going back to bed...I...would have joined you. LOL.

    I told him off because after I was banned he started being friendly with the people who got me banned and then slowly started to minimalize my role in his life. Before, we used to talk every night for hours on end...but then he started to ditch me in favor of the user Strange Fear. I guess I was jealous so I said some nasty things to him. You know how nasty I can get.

    Both are horrible in the same ways...only Obama seems to have some spell cast over everyone that makes them think he is Jesus no matter how many times he spits in their face. It's like America is in an abusive relationship with Obama, and everytime he beats the shit out of it and chalks it away as it just "fell down the stairs".
    I hope he comes back too...but he won't and I know it. No. He didn't e-mail me. After I told him off and stopped talking to him, once I tried to apologize he'd have nothing to do with me. I guess it's cute if you look at it as me just wanting him to notice me again...but weird for the fact the way I decided to get him to notice me was saying he killed himself. :p I'm definitely flawed...

    I was kidding about Thatcher...I know next to nothing about her so I have no opinion of her.

    Oh yes, he is definitely confident...then again, so was W. Bush.
    I love cardigans. I have quite a few of my own...hopefully they are argyle or plaid. It didn't sound sounded dirty.

    I...don't know what you're talking about...and that's the story I'm sticking to. Lol. I don't know. He may be dead. I haven't heard from him in near 3 years. I don't know why I said he was dead...maybe I thought it would make him notice me again? Lol.

    Yeah, no...not unreasonably older...just like...20 years older. Lol. He's a lucky man.

    He only seems cool because he isn't running the country you live in. Lol. Just like I like Mrs. Thatcher but a large group of people on your side of the pond wish for her death daily. Lol. And the healthcare reform is a joke. You can't have healthcare once you've bankrupted the nation...which he is doing.
    You know it's true...

    Oh man, that is SO totally hot. I bet you wear sweaters a lot. Lol. I'd love to see your beehive. Emo-nonsense? I think you have me confused with Kuiper. Lol. The most "emo" I got was The Cure. Lol.

    Oh yes, I think we have too many ad men...they are trying to sell everything. How much older than you is he?

    Well, according to the news today, 50% of Obama's increased job statistics were solely filled by McDonald's. Lol. So, it really isn't THAT great here.
    I'll just pretend you keep coming back because of my thundering suavity. :)

    How were you weird? I never thought you were weird at all...but what do I know? It didn't happen a lot in my school, but it did a lot in my state. Lol. I think most of the teacher/student sex scandals are from Florida. :)

    Well, if you ever do engage in hip lesbian action, be sure to film it and I'll buy a copy. :D
    No, 4 years is average for college here...but for a doctorate in Psychology it does take 7 years, minimum.

    I'd like to find a normal girl soon...or even a weird girl...just as long as she isn't crazy. Lol. And thank you for the compliment. I am touched.

    Yes! Green Card weddings lead to the best honeymoons. :p
    What does he do? Can he support himself if need be?

    I have no plans on moving, no. I'm not particularly fond of any of the other states I've been to. There is actually a decent amount of employment opportunities here...moreso than NY. Tampa is constantly is astonishing.
    I don't like using the bathroom in front of anyone. I like my privacy, thank you very much.

    Yes, as in pervy like. I don't mind though, she wasn't a bad looking lass or very old. Nothing is as hip as interracial lesbian sex. Nothing. I think you just described the video for The Police's "Don't Stand So Close To Me".

    That's nice. It is a HE isn't it?

    No, I am not with anyone currently. With school taking up a lot of my time, I never really had the time to go out seeking a girlfriend. There was a girl like 3 years ago or so, but all she managed to do was distract me from my greater goal. She was a bit of a psycho too...which may sound odd coming from me, but I assure you, contrary to what you see on the forums, I am a very stable and sane person. A bit shy, though.

    You can marry an American Citizen for a Green Card. Just throwing that out there. SOME of the States are better, others not. Do you plan on taking your lover along on your trip to NY or your relocation to the States?
    You're ashamed of peeing? Lol. I am ashamed of people hearing me pee. I don't like to hear the water I flush the toilet and pee in it while it's flushing. :D

    I actually think it was because my teacher...liked me...all of my teachers really did, but this one...really did. Also, another one of my teachers was busted for having an interracial lesbian affair with a student! Lol.

    Me? A flirt? Naw. :p You are?! I'm so happy for you! For how long? Who is the lucky guy?

    It isn't THAT hot, really. As long as you're thin, you should be fine. There are plenty of obese people around here and they are always sweating. Not to mention, New York is pretty dangerous and the cost of living is too high. You could live like a queen the Queen of England, not a homosexual. Lol.
    Why would you be looking into those?! ;) That is nonsense! Lol. I've never met a woman who was ashamed of her genitals...boys on the other hand have to worry about size and premature ejaculation and impotence and the such. Women are definitely less neurotic about their genitals...are you ashamed of your genitals, Angela? :p

    I don't know about them...I'll have to look them up.

    Well, I skipped classes but stayed in the School...I just went to all 3 lunches. Sometimes my teacher and I would just leave the campus and go was quite fun.

    I'm sure you could find a job over here...we'd love to have you. I can think of a position or two I could hire you for. :p
    What do you dislike about your country?
    Well, it is a bit. Lol. I've never pretended I was anything other than sinister. :D

    No, I have not read anything by her. Most of the psychology books I have read were about the history of psychology and about various disorders and complexes. What made you decide to check that book out? Recommendation or did the description interest you?

    That sounds nice :) I hope all goes well and he doesn't cancel any of the shows. Lol. I haven't made up my mind about seeing him yet. If the setlist is good, I'll see him. If it isn't, I won't. It isn't really a big deal to me to see him in concert...I have to care about what he's playing. Lol.

    You're such a goodie goodie. It's sweet. :p I was in trouble a lot in High School...mostly for skipping classes. :(
    But, my ability to wind people up is a direct reflection of my proficiency in psychology! Lol. I know exactly what buttons to push to elicit a certain reaction from brings me endless amounts of joy. :p

    I can't imagine you dancing at a disco. Lol. Are you going to see Morrissey on this tour?

    Iggy Pop's genitals?! WOW. I would have given you an infraction for that too! Lol. No one wants to see Iggy Pop's genitals! That is like posting a picture of Aretha Franklin eating a carrot nude in the shower! :D Why would you get an infraction for encouraging me? That is a bit silly and an abuse of moderating power.
    Yeah, I don't think you'd be in luck with High School kids giving a damn about anything. Lol. University would be your best bet. I can't imagine you as a teacher...I'm sure your students would be very pleased though. Lol.

    Do you ever get to see any known bands that aren't huge but aren't locals either?

    As if I'd EVER give you an infraction! Lol. I'd never give an adorable redhead anything but a bouquet. :p
    Well, it isn't really THAT science based. Most of it is just basic memorization and common sense. If you know people and human behavior as naturally as I seem to, it is really a breeze.

    If you do go into teaching, what grade level do you want to teach? Or if you write, what kind of writer do you want to be? Journalist, poet, fiction, non-fiction? As far as I go, I'm not quite sure...the economy is in trouble and I'm not sure whether it would be beneficial or not for me to start a private practice or try to join a previously existing group. I stand to make less money joining a group, but there is no risk that way.

    Do you get paid for organizing these indie discos? I hope so...

    Last I remembered you were "head over heels in love" with him. Lol. ...And, he was pretty jealous you were talking to me, after I got him banned and all. :p
    I earned my Doctorate Degree in Psychology.

    After you finish University, what are your plans professionally?

    How big of a crowd do these indie discos draw?

    No, I had not been reading the forum all that time. That's why I was surprised by how few people actually frequented the forum by the time I was unbanned.

    How is Kickstand? :D
    Well, I finished seven years of college...not in three years, though. Lol. Just the last 3 years of the 7 years. Now I have to go meet the board to get my license so I can be employable. :p

    What have you been up to these last 3 years, Angela?
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