Morrissey-solo News Archive - 2002

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December 2002
- "The Smiths - Songs That Saved Your Life" by Simon Goddard released
- "Morrissey & meg" - story of the Lydverket interview by Geir Henning Hopland
November 2002
- 2002 tour ends (UK, Greece)
- "These Things Take Time - The Story Of The Smiths" airs on Granada TV
- Morrissey voted the Greatest Mancunian in Manchester Evening News poll
- Morrissey interview in The Glasgow Herald (Nov. 2, 2002), by Mark Smith
- Morrissey and Chloe the turkey (PETA Thanksgiving, short Liquid News interview)
October 2002
- 2002 tour continues (Ireland, Australia, Scandanavia, France, UK)
- Morrissey on "The Janice Long Show"
- Morrissey interview w/Dave Fanning on 2FM Ireland
- Morrissey holds press conference in Melbourne on cruelty to elephants in Thailand
September 2002
- 2002 tour continues (US, UK, France)
- Morrissey on "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn"
- Morrissey interviews in The Rocky Mountain News, The Observer, PETA2, The Irish Times
August 2002
- 2002 tour starts (US, Japan)
- Morrissey interviewed in Santa Fe Reporter
- Live versions of new songs available for download
July 2002
- First 6 concerts of the tour, Canada postponed
- Craig Kilborn wants Moz
- More US tour date details
June 2002
- "Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness" mp3 @
- More US tour date details
May 2002
- US tour date announcements
- Morrissey is NOT signed to Sanctuary Records - statement
- "A Matter Of Opinion" - 'lost' Smiths track unearthed during Simon Goddard's research for new book
- Morrissey meets Mikel Erentxun
- Morrissey and Marr's mythological meeting - 20 years ago
April 2002
- Morrissey to play Summer Sonic festival in Japan (Aug 17, 18)
- The Smiths most influential ever on NME
- Morrissey signing to Sanctuary Records rumor (unconfirmed)
March 2002
- Morrissey's LA Weekly ad for a new drummer (apparently)
- "My Life with Morrissey" - screening
February 2002
- Ian Tilton, photographer (Rank gatefold) - website, short Q&A
- "Operation Morrissey" at
- Morrissey-solo 5 years old
January 2002
- "Louder Than Bombs" - the movie (Poland)