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  1. Adeptly_Inept

    Korine Varekamp: Morrissey Cover (Video)

    I'm NOT too proud of this video, and you're all probably fed up of my shambolic endeavours by now! But I think this is a wonderful cover version of Ganglord and want you all to hear it. Korine Varekamp approached me to make it and has had some creative input regarding the video. Links...
  2. Adeptly_Inept

    Photograph of Morrissey in Rome 2007

    I don't know if this has been posted elsewhere, but here's photograph of Morrissey in Rome - according to the 'Morrissey Fan Club UK' Facebook group. Is it me, or does he seem to be ageing backwards?
  3. Adeptly_Inept

    I'm Not a Man: Video

    Another one of mine.
  4. MozRecording

    John Cho recounts Morrissey encounter on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

    1:25 mark: Related item: John Cho recounts meeting Morrissey at a Filipino gangster bar - Sep. 25, 2012
  5. Adeptly_Inept

    Please Close The Door Behind Me - Morrissey statement at TTY

    It's a long one! PLEASE CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND ME - 20 August 2014 Morrissey statement In response to 77 million questions I can only say this much on the subject of the Harvest drama. It is quite true that Harvest initially appeared like a saintly beacon of light, and they...
  6. Adeptly_Inept

    Oboe Concerto (Unofficial Video)

    Here's another video I compiled, this time for Oboe Concerto.
  7. Adeptly_Inept

    Words That Don't Exist - But Should

    Have you ever been berated for using language in the 'wrong' way? Or using words that don't necessarily exist? Are there any words/phrases that you think should exist? If so, post your words/phrases along with your definition of that word/phrase! Shakespeares of the World Unite!
  8. Adeptly_Inept

    #worldpeaceisnoneofyourbusinessart - new site

    "tweet or Instagram your artwork" - Morrissey Official Facebook page As an attempt at garnering publicity, the Morrissey Official Facebook page is encouraging fans to share their artwork, based on WPINOYB, via Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag ‪#‎WorldPeaceIsNoneOfYourBusinessArt‬ Chosen...
  9. Adeptly_Inept

    WPINOYB: Unofficial Video

    Here's my shambolic attempt at compiling a video for World Peace Is None Of Your Business. Please let me know if you cannot view it, as I have been notified that it has been banned in some countries. P.S. Honest opinions will be much appreciated. Thanks. :)
  10. Adeptly_Inept

    Morrissey's Funny Moments

    I haven't seen a thread about this, so thought I'd start one. Here's a video I found inspiring me to start the thread as I was in hysterics because of it!
  11. Adeptly_Inept

    What Were Your Teenage Years Like?

    I am due to turn 19 this August, and am beginning to have regrets about my teenage years which, upon looking back, weren't much fun. I have never been able to maintain any meaningful friendships therefore spending much time on my own instead of being immersed in normal teenage shenanigans. As an...
  12. Adeptly_Inept

    Mental Health

    Why is it considered a taboo subject? :confused: I am aware that our general understanding of mental health has improved considerably over the years, however it is still something that is treated with some ignorance. It is often dismissed as being insignificant and petty, although attitudes...
  13. Adeptly_Inept

    The Crookes - Have you heard of them?

    I may have found a band from the 21st century that I actually find acceptable. They claim to be inspired by '50s and '60s culture. This is an interview with their lyricist and guitar player. Quite intelligent. What do you think?
  14. Adeptly_Inept

    Finding A Job

    So I recently received a lecture from my mother about how it's about time I found a job. Which is fair, seeing as I am becoming a bit of a financial burden. However the world of work seems to be in favour of extroverts. I never seem to meet any of the job requirements - Confidence, being...
  15. Adeptly_Inept

    Harry Nilsson

    Has anyone heard of him? I have never come across another fan. He has become mostly known for his covers of 'Everybody's Talking' (Fred Neil) and 'Without You' (BadFinger). It's such a shame that he is hardly remembered for his own song-writing, though. He's often referred to as the American...
  16. Adeptly_Inept

    Can You See The Irony

    My family are carnivorous. My mum did the food shopping, and this is what I find! Can you see the irony?
  17. Adeptly_Inept

    The Smiths: Accept Yourself- A video I made

    This is my favourite Smiths' song so I thought I'd do a video for it. Albeit a feeble attempt. Such beautiful lyrics and melodies.
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