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  1. mozziestar

    Morrissey at Mary Coughlan gig, Dublin Academy

    I'll speak for the ladies here...I love seeing Moz in a photo with another female.
  2. mozziestar

    "Why do you come here?" - The Day I Met Morrissey

    Lovely. What a wonderful day for you as well. You've just accomplished what most of us will spend our lives dreaming of.
  3. mozziestar

    conversation using only morrissey lyrics

    How can someone so young sing words so sad?
  4. mozziestar

    Hey Scooby, are you on Facebook by chance?

    Hey Scooby, are you on Facebook by chance?
  5. mozziestar

    Second U.S. Leg? about the handful of shows he canceled in the South? He left a lot of fans holding the bag and their tickets.
  6. mozziestar

    Do you let your pet eat off your fork?

    I do. Some say it's "gross," but my puppy is a heckuva lot more sanitary than sharing my fork with my dirty husband. Fo sho.
  7. mozziestar

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    I unexpectedly refer to the great and powerful Moz daily in my blog. He is such an inspiration to me.
  8. mozziestar

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    This morning, I am thinking about my Grandmama. It's her 90th birthday today. Happy Birthday, Grandmama. I love you. :)
  9. mozziestar

    Does Morrissey dye his hair ?

    I think at one point in time, he may have. However, I believe once he embraced the aging process, he went natural. Now, he simply prefers to let the seasoning of his salt and pepper add to his overall flavor. Gotta love him for that.
  10. mozziestar

    What part of a Smiths song gives you goosebumps?

    Seasick, yet still docked Asleep I am hated for loving
  11. mozziestar

    Pure comedy!

    Oh Morrissey, so much to ring me for... Hello friends, Does anyone have a direct line to you know who? If so, tell me him I'm waiting on his call, ever so patiently, would ya? :pray:
  12. mozziestar

    Married people, are you happy with your non-singleness? many characters will this window allow? :eek:
  13. mozziestar

    morrissey/smiths tshirts - post what you're wearing...

    There are some truly beautiful people on this forum! Thank you for sharing your pics. :)
  14. mozziestar

    Idiotic forum members with humongous signatures...

    I personally find them quite funny and often insightful. Where is the harm in that?
  15. mozziestar

    15 minutes with Moz, oh I wouldn't say "no". What would you say?

    LMAO! Perfect, Franzanna. A gold star for you! :)
  16. mozziestar

    15 minutes with Moz, oh I wouldn't say "no". What would you say?

    LOL @ "You have 15 minutes to give me the combination of the safe." Awesome.
  17. mozziestar

    15 minutes with Moz, oh I wouldn't say "no". What would you say?

    Given that Moz has heard every possible rant and rave from adoring fans through the years, what would you say to him if given the opportunity?
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