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  1. bobalmighty

    Handsome ginger guy who sang Nico with me

    Yes this is probably silly, and desperate and pointless. But oh well. To the guy who I commended on singing Nico with me yesterday, in the Morrissey birthday gig shirt. I would have said more to you, but I was too shy... Get in touch...
  2. bobalmighty

    Inevitable "Satellite Of Love" Thread

    Well you knew it was coming! Did anyone manage to get a recording of it last night?
  3. bobalmighty

    Brixton 21/07/2009

    Hey guys, I have a bootleg of every show I've been to. But this is the only one I haven't been able to find. Apparently there are boots of this show out there but I've yet to see one. Can anyone help? Cheers.
  4. bobalmighty

    PETA box set?

    OK this is an oddity I found at a recent record fair I attended. It was a box of 6 smiths cds, they looked to be bootlegs. But they were presented in a box, the PETA logo was on it, and the box was numbered. Out of 500 I think. I'd never heard of this before and wondered if I'm the only one who...
  5. bobalmighty

    Shakespeare's Sister 12" Mis-print?

    Perhaps someone can help me here. A friend of mine has asked me what I know about a Mis-printed Shakespeare's Sister 12". He says the colours in the mini-discography are wrong on his version. Anyone know about this version?
  6. bobalmighty

    Justice For Kirsty MacColl to disband A shame. I hope one day justice will be done. A £61 fine for murder is not justice :(
  7. bobalmighty

    Revelation tracks discussion

    Very nice sounding versions of BTH and SWAD. HLU and LOD are amazing. Makes you wonder who compiled this...
  8. bobalmighty


    For those that were there when I bought us all Malteasers, and even stole a bowl from the playhouse. You all owe £3.60 :D. Great gig too!
  9. bobalmighty

    Salisbury Roll Call

    I'll be there!
  10. bobalmighty

    Brixton Bootlegs?

    Have any of the July Brixton shows popped up yet? It's the only concert I've been to and not got the bootleg for. Thanks
  11. bobalmighty

    Help me out guys (Tattoo related)

    I'm pretty much dead set on getting the GH crest tattooed on my chest. But I did want something with colour for my next one. So I'll ask for your opinion. Can you suggest good colours to go with this, or do you think I should just have it in black?
  12. bobalmighty

    Req: Moon Over Kentucky

    Well, someone had to make the thread and ask if anyone recorded it ;)
  13. bobalmighty

    Smiths vinyl box oddity?

    Happy Christmas everyone! I got the Smiths vinyl box, but was surprised to discover 13 vinyls inside instead of 12. The Headmaster Ritual was in there twice! Anyone else have this bizzare occurance?
  14. bobalmighty


    For those who haven't seen it yet... Looks amazing. The only complaints I have is Ozymandias doesn't look right, and Nite Owl is too Batman-like compared to the graphic novel, but otherwise I am excited for this.
  15. bobalmighty

    YHKM "Chalk Outline" Shirt

    I really liked this shirt when I first saw it. It is basically Morrissey's pose from the front cover from the single. But it is done as a chalk outline. I've been looking for one for ages. Are they that incredibly rare?
  16. bobalmighty

    The Inevitable Buzzcocks Cover Thread.

    Soooo, anyone got a recording yet? :)
  17. bobalmighty

    Boy Happy Vinyl B-Sides

    Would a kind person upload Maudlin Street and Speedway from the Vinyl Boy Happy single? I'd be very very grateful. Thank you.
  18. bobalmighty

    Unused Smiths Sleeve? £900 on ebay?

    Anyone wanna shed some light on this? Real? Fake? http://
  19. bobalmighty

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    OK, i expect to be reaching out to at maximum, 2 members here, but are any Wii owners here looking forward to this. Having watched many gameplay videos online and reading about the features, I'm salivating over it, when it eventually comes out in the UK (not for a while yet :(). I downloaded the...
  20. bobalmighty

    Does being British and gay mean you are a better Morrissey fan?

    I'd like to know because I'm gay and British.
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