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  1. no one in particular

    Does this forum toy with your emotions?

    Hi good people of solo, Inspired by this thread, where seems some emotional turmoil played out, just wondering if/how this forum affects your emotions, when interacting with others on here. (yeah, i'm not talking about simply getting morrissey news updates and reading various opinions on that...
  2. no one in particular

    New Year's Eve

    What are you doing for new year's eve? I think I need some fresh ideas this year...
  3. no one in particular

    Uploaded images (thumbnails) no longer showing

    I am wondering why the images I have previously uploaded directly to moz-solo forums are no longer displaying in the posts. In the user control panel, it shows the following "Attachment Statistics": Attachment Statistics You are currently using 586.6 KB to store 10 uploaded attachments...
  4. no one in particular

    Oh my god, it's Robby!'s BIRTHDAY

    (since you are not a boob dude)
  5. no one in particular

    The Pet Peeves Thread

    I know you lot must have pet peeves...let's hear about 'em! :D Here are some of mine: 1. When people say "It's a small world, isn't it?" (invariably with a smile) (well, no, it sure as hell isn't) 2. In the airplane, passengers using the back of my seat as a handle to get up from...
  6. no one in particular

    What other forums do you frequent?

    So, I am curious what other forums are out there that people in here are members of? Anything good or vibrant? Please share! Thanks. :)
  7. no one in particular

    Happy Birthday to Codreanu!

    Happy Birthday, you king of beasts
  8. no one in particular

    ~ The 'All things DOGS thread ~

    This has been badly needed for a while now. So c'mon! Let's show realitybites and codreanu.... Here is my lhasa apso (mix), Puff. Darling isn't she?
  9. no one in particular

    On Vacation

    I think we need a place to say if we are going to be on a prolonged absence (for whatever reason) and want to let all of our kindred members know so they don't worry about where we went or what might have happened to us OR god forbid, that we got a life and just disappeared! Like I just...
  10. no one in particular

    Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now comic

    Apologies for those of you who have seen this before, but it is quite hilarious and well done, so I thought I would post it for all. Cheers! (tip: keep clicking "next" at the bottom of each page)
  11. no one in particular

    Daisy duke knot at Birmingham - for Suzanne

    Well, Suzanne, guess our beloved Mozzer again didn't indulge your wish for a REAL daisy duke knot. In this Birmingham pic (May 20) it appears to be even lower than at Halifax. (Moz, you are supposed to go the other way with the knot!) And I know how much you want to see that push up bra...
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