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  1. matto

    Fun little Lloyd Cole bit

    LC shows of a letter from Morrissey. starts at 7:25
  2. matto

    New song titles

    I'm pressed for time but there are some new song titles registered at BMI, here's one: BLUE DREAMERS EYES if someone wants to troll through and find the rest, it could be a little game....
  3. matto

    TTY: Warner UK - account not sanctioned by Morrissey

    Warner UK - 6 April 2016 A Smiths/Morrissey Google alerts/Twitter account has been opened by Warner UK. Morrissey would like to stress that this account has not been sanctioned by him and has no connection to him. Follow it at your peril. Related item: The Smiths official...
  4. matto

    "World Peace..." Day One chart positions -

    Day One - 14 July 2014 First day sales for World Peace is None of Your Business show the following chart positions: Number One: Argentina, Chile, Peru. Number Two: Brazil, Denmark, Greece. Number Five: Israel, Spain, Sweden. Number Six: Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Norway...
  5. matto

    Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache

    Once in a while I'll make a movie... ... this one's inspired by the birth of my boy Henry, but he's not allowed to watch it till he's 2. It is a 90% hand-drawn, 100% digitally colored, family-friendly, 84-minute, semi-animated, semi-musical about a cat who befriends a string bean and some...
  6. matto

    For sale: 2 tix Seattle 3/6/13 face value

    We're pregnant (for the first time) and on doctor's orders are avoiding loud things. So: 2 tickets to Seattle, Moore Theatre, 3/6/13 Aisle 2, Main C, W 7 Aisle 2, Main C, W 8 $82.50 + 2.50 FAC Fee = $85 each Grand total: $170...
  7. matto

    Article: Jonathan Ross on David Bowie comeback; mentions a conversation with 'a profe

    Bowie's comeback places him back at the centre of the whole shebang by Jonathan Ross - The Guardian Excerpt: "I chatted about this with another legendary music genius one night (a professionally miserable Mancunian of about the same age … you can guess). He thought it might be Bowie had...
  8. matto

    Pitchfork interviews Marr 5-10-15-20 Johnny Marr The former Smiths guitarist on Dusty Springfield, Faust, the Stooges, and more. By Mark Richardson, April 24, 2012
  9. matto

    Lloyd Cole on M again "surpreendentemente bom"
  10. matto

    Morrissey on Mars

    seriously.... wha???
  11. matto

    Charlie Brooker Moz reference 7/12/10 "Contemporary vampires come in two flavours, if you'll forgive the expression. Sexless wimps (Twilight) or smouldering hedonists (True Blood). Morrissey or Michael Hutchence. Both troubled. Both...
  12. matto

    Cure "DISINTEGRATION" deluxe for Spring '10

  13. matto

    2 more BMI titles (bg cues)

    didn't see these listed before: TODAY SHOW-BG CUES (Legal Title) BMI Work #0 (MORRISSEY/MARR) SUMMER SINGS OVER SMITHS (Legal Title) BMI Work...
  14. matto

    "Little Joe" Dallesandro documentary

    Saw this last night at the Seattle International Film Festival: all about the Smiths' 1st lp cover star, and is fantastic. I growed up all wrong watching those Paul Morrissey movies, so it was fun -- and then Joe showed...
  15. matto

    NME poll - greatest frontperson morrissey's on there somewhere, along with black francis, john lydon, bono, etc... yeah, and also the guy from MGMT and the gal from CSS, so it's a rather wide well they're pulling from
  16. matto

    Here comes the new Cure....

    From Chain of Flowers post:
  17. matto

    Munich disaster news,,2244959,00.html
  18. matto


    I love this band. So much I'm starting a damn fan club: Join us! There's some mp3s there in case you need an introduction. If you like M.I.A. or Lady Sovereign, you'd really really really dig Macromantics. Nuff said. I hope to include some interviews etc in the coming...
  19. matto

    Here is my band Half Eye the album is called "It'll Come to You" and yes you can buy it also on Amazon & iTunes and stuff I do not know if any of you would like it, so probably it's better to steal it happy holidays & new year! matt o / aka seth frost
  20. matto

    Half Eye

    Well well well... So sometimes I make music. For whatever reason, I decided to again.... the band is called Half Eye, the record is called "It'll Come to You" and won't be out till January 2008, digitally and in shops... and here is the 1st video for the 1st song, "I'll Show You a Coward"...
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