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  1. Tom Tom Club

    Editing and deleting old posts

    Hi, I think you used to be able to edit and delete old messages/posts on here from years ago. Is it still possible to do this?
  2. Tom Tom Club

    D.A.R.K. tour

    Andy Rourke's new band D.A.R.K. are going on a European tour in September. Dolores O'Riordan who sings with The Cranberries is the singer. This is their website:
  3. Tom Tom Club

    Did anyone go to Inside The Smyths night at Night&Day?

    Did anyone go to 'Inside The Smiths' with 'The Smyths' at the "Night & Day Café" on Oldham Street, in Manchester's Nothern Quarter, on Sunday 12th August?? Did Mike Joyce and Rourke turn up?? Does anyone know of other Smiths related nights out in Manchester?? I know of "The Star&Garter" Smiths...
  4. Tom Tom Club

    Does Winnie Wong know Yoko Ono??

    Did Winnie Wong go by the name 'EVA' and does she know Yoko Ono or the girl who worked for Yoko called Amanda Season Keeley (Mandy)??:confused:
  5. Tom Tom Club

    Is Morrissey A-sexual??

    This has probably been discussed on here before and this is a very personal issue and it is a very sensitive subject. But is Morrissey possibly asexual? Asexuality (sometimes referred to as nonsexuality), in its broadest sense, is the lack of sexual attraction to others, or the lack of interest...
  6. Tom Tom Club

    "manchester V Cancer 2006" When Is The Dvd Out????

    When is 'MANCHESTER V. CANCER 2006' coming out on DVD?? :confused: It has been over a year now. 'Versus Cancer' 2007 has been and gone. Will we have to wait until 'Versus Cancer' 2008 before the DVD comes out?? I heard there were problems with the artists who performed on the night clearing...
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