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  1. Black Eyed

    Liking threads?

    Why cant I like someones comment/post? They are underneath but pale grey. Have been searching for an answer with no luck :(
  2. Black Eyed

    Hardback Peepholism for sale

    I have a hardback version of Peepholism that I am willing to sell. There is a tear in top right hand corner of the dust sheet and the inside first blank page has some very light brown staining. Other than this it is perfect. I have searched for others for sale but cant find any so have no...
  3. Black Eyed

    Vinyl and cassette collection for sale

    Hi all, I advertised my vinyl collection a while back but the only interested parties were abroad and as my collection (without packaging) weighs over 13 kg it is unfeasable to ship it. I have sold off 99% of the rare pieces but there are still some collectables left. I have a list for...
  4. Black Eyed

    Manchester 1 seated ticket available

    My friend just rang to say she cant make the Manchester gig, so I have a ticket going for what I paid for it £82 and I will post it next day delivery at my cost. Its lower tier block 102 rowP seat number 2. Please pm me if interested.
  5. Black Eyed

    Ticketmaster message regarding Manchester gig?

    I got an email from Ticketmaster today and am hoping it isn't something to worry about, is this a normal thing to happen? Morrissey - Manchester Arena Hi there, Just a few details about dispatching your tickets... The event organisers are still working with us on a few final details before...
  6. Black Eyed

    Elvis / Morrissey photo's

    Being a longtime Elvis fan as well as a Morrissey fan, I sometimes get deja-vu over some photographs. These are a couple of examples :
  7. Black Eyed

    How to sell 100 plus pieces of Smiths/Morrissey vinyl

    Long story short.....other reasons and the fact that I need some cash and I need space, I want to sell my Smiths/Morrissey vinyl collection (about 130 pieces) . The majority of the really rare pieces have gone over the past year or so and I dont want to go down the route of selling one piece...
  8. Black Eyed

    'MOZZIAH' - new official shirt design

    Moz as Messiah T-shirt I hadn't seen this T-shirt on Mporium before, not sure how I feel about it :confused:
  9. Black Eyed

    1990 Vox poster of Morrissey reclining

    Hi all, looking for some advice. I'm seeing what saleable items I may have and this is just gathering dust in the loft which is sinful as its a thing of beauty. Its the 1990/1 VOX poster of a Kevin Cummins picture of Morrissey reclining, wearing nail varnish. I had it professionally framed...
  10. Black Eyed

    JK Rowling talks about meeting Morrissey

    There is a documentary on BBC 3 at the moment by Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) talking about fandom. He was chatting to JK Rowling and she told the following story: JK "I was having lunch with my sister in law, I see this man walking towards me with a little entourage and I thought......if I...
  11. Black Eyed

    Madonna yanked backwards on The Brits award show

    Oh I know I shouldnt laugh, but I did and outloud. Madge was closing tonights Brit awards on the TV and climbed some high steps undoing a very long trained cape from around her neck. She obviously had trouble undoing it, but the person whose job it was to yank it away did so anyway. This...
  12. Black Eyed

    Dutch 'Headmaster Ritual' 12" with mis-spelt label?

    I will be putting my Dutch megadisc of 'The Headmaster Ritual' on Ebay soon. I know its not particularly rare, but my copy has a mis-spelling on the label in that it reads 'Heat' Is Murder. Does this add any particular extra value to it? Thanks. Sue.
  13. Black Eyed

    Shoplifters 12" which plays 'You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby"

    Week four of selling some stuff on Ebay and getting ready to put some rareish vinyl on there. I just found Shoplifters of the World 12" which plays 'You Just Havn't Earned It Yet Baby' by mistake. Side B with London and Half a Person is ok. I had forgotten I had this one. To all you experts...
  14. Black Eyed

    I started Something...7" same label both sides

    I was just looking at some vinyl that I might sell and wondered why I had two solid centre 7" I Started Something I Couldnt Finish singles. I then saw the second one had the identical green label on both sides i.e. B side Pretty Girls Make Graves. I have checked and one side does play ISSICF...
  15. Black Eyed

    HSIN #6 in Radio 2 best guitar riffs

    I thought it might come in the top three :( but there was a lot of great competition. Johnny talks about how it came about:
  16. Black Eyed

    Morrissey runs for Ireland-European championships

    Good to know our man is keeping fit and his mind occupied on things other than the vagaries of the music business :p:p
  17. Black Eyed

    TCM 12" First pressing up for sale

    Once again looking at some of my collection that if sold could help pay some bills :blushing: I have a 12" This Charming Man which I think may be rare in that it is the first pressing. It has the Rough Trade logo on the vinyl label which has the dome and stars design. The matrix is A=...
  18. Black Eyed

    Some promo CD's just gone on Ebay

    Hi all, In case anyone is interested I have put a few promo CD's including Family Line and the two Let Me Kiss You as well as a couple of other CD's. Thanks.
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