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  1. Tea with the taste

    Johnny - I don't think that's really a surprise that I would disagree with what Morrissey's saying

    Not sure Some Girls are bigger than Others is about breasts - though as with many Moz lyrics it may well have various and multi-layered meanings. Think it could actually be about vaginas. The subject that’s been the one concern from the Ice Age to the Dole Age I think refers to the differing...
  2. Tea with the taste

    The Independent - Morrissey Central (25/6/2019)

    Morrissey has given the world so much that is beautiful - beautiful music, beautiful lyrics, beautiful singing voice. And much more besides - all the drama, wit, entertainment, mystery, sadness, yearning, exhilaration, hilarity, passion. Cultural enrichment. And never ever dull. Whether we...
  3. Tea with the taste

    Happy Birthday Morrissey! Morrissey turns 60 - May 22, 2019

    Happy diamond birthday, Mozzer! Genius, provocateur, legend. You have hypnotised us. How do you do it? Happy Birthday and a million thank yous for all you have done and do, and have been and are. Thank you for all the beauty and the brilliance you have made and shared with us and with the...
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