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    Alain's version of Well I wonder

    Don't remember this being shared before round these parts. I'm not the world's biggest A Whyte fan but really impressed by this. Although Marr could doubtlessly play it better, I don't think he could sing it as well. Nice one, Al!
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    Art D'Ecco - 'androgynous, neo-glam, art rocker' a new Moz fave?

    Only heard of this singer/act for the first time this morning (L Laverne played their new song on 6 Music). Strikes me as the kind of thing Mr SP Morrissey might like. They have at least one one album, Trespasser, which seems to have picked up some good...
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    NME article hinting at the queasiness of being a modern-day Morrissey fan

    So, you're ideologically opposed to your favourite pop star. What next? ( It's not just about Morrissey but it mentions him and includes a photo. Journalist, Mark Beaumont, is/was a big fan and wrote the largely positive NME review of Dog on a Chain. Article mentions conflicting...
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