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  1. Raphael Lambach

    Official YouTube "Love Is On Its Way Out" lyric video (March 11, 2020)

    Morrissey has just posted:
  2. Raphael Lambach

    Los Angeles, you are too hot - quote

    Does anybody know where "Los Angeles, you are too hot" was taken from? I know it's just a silly question but it's in my mind for so many years.
  3. Raphael Lambach

    Morrissey interview in Estadão - WPINOYB re-issue, new album to be recorded; confirms California Son

    Morrissey was interviewed for Estado de São Paulo and told about a re-issue of WPINOYB and a new album to be recorded in january. Morrissey, antigo líder do grupo The Smiths, volta a São Paulo com novo álbum - Estadão Inglês de 59 anos se apresenta com sua banda em São Paulo, dia 2 de dezembro...
  4. Raphael Lambach

    Documentary: "Obit." (2016)

    Guys, I'm looking for this documentary called "Obit." which is about who writes obituaries in New York Times. IMDB: Does anybody know where I can get a torrent to download it?
  5. Raphael Lambach

    Morrissey gig in Chile planned for Dec. 15th - La Tercera

    Chile's La Tercera says Morrissey is planned to play in Santiago. The most likely date is dec. 15th. Morrissey se presentará en diciembre en Santiago - La Tercera El cantante ya acordó que volverá al país con show en el Movistar Arena. Let's pray.
  6. Raphael Lambach

    Rhino podcast - "The Queen Is Dead" remaster

    The 4th episode of Rhino's podcast is about The Queen Is Dead's remaster. It's pretty good.
  7. Raphael Lambach

    "I Wish you lonely" video uploaded

    Morrissey channel on YouTube uploaded "I Wish you lonley" (taken from Berlin gig) as official video. Would it be the next single instead of "MLIDAFY" and "ATYPMFIL"?
  8. Raphael Lambach

    Article about Bradford mentions Morrissey

    Morrissey in mentioned by "El País" on an article about Bradford.
  9. Raphael Lambach

    Morrissey and Middle East

    In LIHS Morrissey is strongly dealing with Middle East. It’s particularly strange to see him defending Israel. Of course, he sang about Istanbul in WPINOYB which I saw as the beginning of it all. What do you think about it, guys?
  10. Raphael Lambach

    Passions Just Like Mine - update

    I was on Passions Just Like Mine minutes ago and I noticed that the page was not updated with LIHS informations - neither album lyrics. Does anyone know if Stephane or other people will put things on it again?
  11. Raphael Lambach

    My Love, I'd Do Anything for You

    According to set list posted on main page the song was played - along with Paris - as encore. Does anyone have the audio to share?
  12. Raphael Lambach

    Brett Anderson

    Brett Anderson turns 50 today,
  13. Raphael Lambach

    Morrissey's Dick Gregory death statement - SER Photography / Facebook

    On SER's Facebook "Dick Gregory, America's last hope, dies, aged 84. He knew how all aspects of the human condition connect to politics. He was a man of thought and a man of action, when most of us cannot manage to be just one of either. He worked breathlessly - work, words, deeds. He demanded...
  14. Raphael Lambach


    The Canadian indie band Alvvays is my new passion. I'm really in love with them. They've just released a new song called "Dreams tonite" from their forthcoming album.
  15. Raphael Lambach

    Liam Gallagher

    Liam Gallagher has just released his first solo single, "Wall of glass", and it's pretty good. What did you think of his solo debut, guys?
  16. Raphael Lambach

    Morrissey statement on Manchester Attack - Morrissey Official Facebook

    Text: Celebrating my birthday in Manchester as news of the Manchester Arena bomb broke. The anger is monumental. For what reason will this ever stop? Theresa May says such attacks "will not break us", but her own life is lived in a bullet-proof bubble, and she evidently does not need to...
  17. Raphael Lambach


    Today (april, 30th), one of the most importante Brazilian songwriters and singers died at 70. Belchior was a truly artist since he was very youmg. His final years were troublesome... but it doesn’t matter when someone writes song as “Como nossos pais” (As our parentes). I’d like to invite you...
  18. Raphael Lambach

    "I don't want us to finish"

    I was reading my Mozipedia today and looking for unreleased song. Well, "I don't want us to finish" is the one I'm most interested. Does anybody have its lyrics?
  19. Raphael Lambach

    Gustavo and Jesse short interview in Mexico street

    I've just seen this interview with Gustavo and Jesse in Mexico street...
  20. Raphael Lambach

    TTY: Morrissey Ticket Sales; "World Peace..." re-launch confirmation

    Morrissey Ticket Sales - 10 August 2016 Morrissey's show at Philadelphia Tower Theater (22 September) and also at Brooklyn Kings Theater (24 September) both instantly sold out. The added date at Bren Events Center in Irvine is close to sold out. Morrissey's first show in...
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