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  1. nothingwrongwithme

    Who in the public eye do you find sexually attractive?

    Hope this topic hasn’t been posted before. I assume that a lot of people on Solo, like me, find Morrissey very sexually attractive and I wonder who else, in the public eye, you would invite home for a cup of cocoa.;) Since I was really young my choices have always seemed a bit bizarre to...
  2. nothingwrongwithme

    Demise of Planet Sound on Teletext

    A couple of days ago I found out that Planet Sound on Teletext is being dis-banded in 2010. I cannot believe this! I have been a huge fan of PS and music journalist John Earls for about 10 years now. A site I trust to deliver honest, relevant music and gig reviews and keeps me and my family...
  3. nothingwrongwithme

    Tomorrows World - Virtual Morrissey

    With all the furore regarding Michael Jackson, it has got me thinking about a future without Morrissey performing live. (unthinkable, I know) but if it were somehow possible, with technology, in this modern world and beyond, I and my children, (and my possible future grandchildren :)) decided...
  4. nothingwrongwithme

    Quote from 'The Void' on Teletext. This news is changed daily so the link may not exist in a couple of hours so here is the quote anyway Your daily rants 'Johnny Marr can't be considered a great guitarist. He's only played in indie bands and not rock ones, and is...
  5. nothingwrongwithme

    Could Moz Eurovision song sound like this?

    Sorry if this has been posted but has anyone seen this yet. Click on listen next to Moz picture.
  6. nothingwrongwithme


    Luxembourg - Is there anyone going from this forum? I am taking my friend ( a non-fan, but a real possible convert) to Rockall and I cannot believe how nervous I am. :eek: I usually go to Morrissey concerts with fellow fans and I am so immersed in the show that I don't need to think about...
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