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  1. nothingwrongwithme

    Asleep Sheet Music for Piano

    Aw I would have loved to have helped you out on this but I am so shy that 'slowed down and up close', man I would just be a bag of nerves, issuing expletives after every bum note:eek:.. it is such a lovely song to play though..just take your time and enjoy. I play the melody by ear naturally...
  2. nothingwrongwithme

    Linder in Glasgow

    Thanks for the info.. I'll try getting along to see this if it is in hourly chunks:D
  3. nothingwrongwithme

    Mozipedia - your thoughts?

    I am loving this book so much. I have it sitting on my coffee table and whenever I get a few moments spare I can read away at my own pace.Also I have noticed that visitors to my house are drawn to it and read various snippets as they await their coffee. Last conversation was today about...
  4. nothingwrongwithme

    Book of Condolence Thread

    I was very sad to hear this news. He really was a charming man with huge charisma. I had not that long ago put him as my number 2, after Morrissey, on a recent thread on solo regarding who I found attractive. Gone too soon.
  5. nothingwrongwithme

    Asleep Sheet Music for Piano

    Hope you got your tabs ok. I just love playing Asleep on keyboard. I have a KORG IS40 which is lovely. I play Asleep whilst listening to the original on Ipod via headphone and it all mergers together in my head whilst playing. Very uplifting
  6. nothingwrongwithme

    why hasn't morrissey toured africa?

    I did manage to spread the word in Morocco with some success. :) Feedback from the locals I met and have kept in touch with has been excellent.
  7. nothingwrongwithme

    The Graduate

    No way!!!!:eek::eek: I never knew that. Amazing film and soundtrack. I'm sure the first Christmas it was shown on TV ( in the 70's perhaps) I had received the LP of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and also Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf as presents and I cannot think of The Graduate...
  8. nothingwrongwithme

    What Morrissey/The Smiths gifts did you get?

    Aw that is just lovely:) I got the much anticipated Swords and the re-issues of Southpaw and Maladjusted from my family, oh and Mozipedia too. Happiest christmas moment...all four of us dancing around in the kitchen preparing lunch and listening to moz...bliss.:thumb::D
  9. nothingwrongwithme

    Lady GaGa

    My daughter, :love: who is my eyes and ears for new music, went to see Gaga at T in the Park this year and was sooo impressed with her live gig, especially as she did not expect to even remotely enjoy it.
  10. nothingwrongwithme

    Christmas Wishes To Solo Members

    Have I had one too many cherry brandys or is that the 'actor' who played brian tilsley in Corry? (He was an ass and had lots of teeth) Anyway just came on here to say hope everyone has a lovely time over the Christmas holidays. Best wishes to all of you. xx
  11. nothingwrongwithme

    Moz Christmas Sweater

    Re: scam spammer O I double knit dare you to wear that. Would go great with the M tie (mr s, yes?). Anyway I just know you will not not buy that.:)
  12. nothingwrongwithme

    Who in the public eye do you find sexually attractive?

    I loved Daniel Craig in his first Bond.. but he lost it in his second Bond outing for me, I could not believe how bad that second film was. But as an amazing actor.. have you seen him in 'Our friends in the North' that is where I first got to see and respect his genius as an actor.
  13. nothingwrongwithme

    New Year's Resolutions

    My New Year's Resolution is usually always the same.. to try and eke out some time for myself to read and post more on solo. Never pans out though, I get about 2 hours a month tops :(
  14. nothingwrongwithme

    What are your origins?

    Well my father’s family relocated from Ireland to Scotland and they were very very Catholic. My mother’s family were all very 'weird' and were all members of the Orange Order in Glasgow. Not surprisingly, I abhor religion, although I think I have a very balanced view on religious abhorrence.:)...
  15. nothingwrongwithme

    Moz Christmas Sweater

    Re: scam spammer Aw I wish I had bought two soaps so I could have sent you one. I love my soap, it is in my bathroom, strategically placed between 2 wooden fish, up high so no-one dares use it... but due to central heating etc it has morphed into Elvis Presley in his latter stages.. I...
  16. nothingwrongwithme

    Michael McIntyre - yes or no?

    He grates on me. ( insert smilie with grating teeth or nails running down a blackboard) I havn't actually heard any of his material properly though because as soon as I hear his voice I want to stick my fingers in my ears which is hard when you're trying to also find the remote control. But...
  17. nothingwrongwithme

    Jonathan Ross, Morrissey, Tessie O'Shea, Terry Wogan...

    Grrr I would have loved to have heard that live but I was on Solo.
  18. nothingwrongwithme

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Wild Horses - Subo Sorry I do not even know her real name but my daughter let me hear this today for the first time. At first I thought it was Kate Bush and then when she told me who it was and her story, I expected to shut off immediately but I thought her vocals and delivery were amazing...
  19. nothingwrongwithme

    Who in the public eye do you find sexually attractive?

    Now even to mention the character 'Dev' on this forum is very very bad. Puts me right off my breakfast for tomorrow!
  20. nothingwrongwithme

    Morrissey intoxicated?

    At age 50, you either start rebelling against middle age or start visiting garden centres. Its like being a teenager all over again. If Moz is drinking, which I doubt (and if he is so what) at least I hope it is keeping him away from Dobbies.
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