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  1. Catholic

    Questions about the nature and history of this forum

    As someone very new here (and who also feels most anomalous) I find myself wondering wanting to know more about the nature and history of this forum. Questions I have: What does this forum really mean to people here? What was it like in the past, say 10-20 years ago, compared to today? What...
  2. Catholic

    Which Morrissey melodies are most Morrissey

    I, a musical ignoramus, have been studying old threads regarding the vocal melodies Morrissey contributes to others' music. This is a specific question, mainly addressed to the musically literate: If Morrissey contributes - sometimes at least - a vocal melody that is significantly his own...
  3. Catholic

    List of Co-Writer's songs - please?

    Can anyone please point me to a link which tallies all the songs co-written BY Morrissey's major co-writers. Eg number of the Whyte songs, then preferably listed ... Number of Boorer songs ... Number of Tobias songs etc So, to be clear, not the well-known Wikipedia page which doesn't list...
  4. Catholic

    Morbid thoughts on Morrissey and Marr?

    Years ago an anonymous poster here said: What occurs to me here is that if Marr died first, Morrissey might not need any access to old Smiths demos. There would be a catalogue of Marr songs that could THEORETICALLY could be re-recorded by Morrissey with new Morrissey lyrics and vocal...
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