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    Newbie with question

    Buy The Smiths debut and you'll get a different version of Reel Around The Fountain.
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    How come not many teens listen to the Smiths/Morrissey?

    My niece went to her 1st gig this year and is looking forward to more..
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    Do you give to charity?

    Yes. Mainly for animal wefare.
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    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    I'll be going to the opera too. Since Rufus wrote this in the Yorkshire dales can we expect an Emmerdale theme? Oh not Wuthering Heights!
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    Breaking up. The hardest thing to do?

    It's prefrable to imagine your ex with someone else after you've split, than getting paranoid when you're together..
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    The worst pervert on this site

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    Any more singles form YOR?

    Carol would be a quirky choice.
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    Wanted: I Just Want To See The Boy Happy Bundle

    I think I saw IJWTSIBH on sale for £3 on fleabay.
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