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  1. Sphinx

    1 salisbury ticket for sale

    1 for Monday night available. £35 can meet you at the gig. pm me
  2. Sphinx

    Selling - 2 standing for Leeds

    pm me if interested. face value. Sphinx
  3. Sphinx

    Selling -2 tickets for Liverpool - standing

    2 standing tickets available, 2 of my group have just dropped out. Face value. PM me if interested.
  4. Sphinx

    That Petrol Emotion

    If any of you are thinking about going to see them - GO. I was at the first one in blistering conditions in Birmingham last night :thumb: outstanding gig. 01/07/2009 Birmingham - Academy 2 02/07/2009 Portsmouth - Wedgewood Rooms 03/07/2009 London - Bloomsbury Ballroom 05/07/2009 Kent -...
  5. Sphinx

    Troxy ticket

    If anyone needs a ticket for the Troxy I have one (possibly two) restricted view seats - face value etc. PM me.
  6. Sphinx

    HMV have just cancelled my preorder

    Is it me? I've just had cancellation emails for all formats of "All You Need Is Me" and now its showing as unavailable on the website:eek: help:tears: edit: I've just fired them a reply.....
  7. Sphinx daily ligger mention claiming Morrissey was at Camden Barfly on Friday watching The Courteeners????? here's the link
  8. Sphinx

    Later with Jools Holland - smithstorrents

    I think I've got the 4 songs onto smithstorrents (first time I've uploaded a torrent so be kind).
  9. Sphinx

    Edinburgh Photos

    Quite a few for you to start this thread:)
  10. Sphinx

    Roundhouse photos Mon/Tues/Weds

    A few pictures to share. Lots of people to thank for their patience whilst I'm capturing these, always fun when you're short - and for chatting to a lone soloer and keeping her entertained before the action starts. Monday
  11. Sphinx

    Tickets live on see again - now not all dates

    In case any of you need them - some including Sunday are showing as live again:rolleyes:
  12. Sphinx

    New photo on TTY
  13. Sphinx

    A few images from Boston

    I returned yesterday (it was a great holiday, the bonus was seeing Morrissey and I'm simply glad that I did) so a few images from Boston last week, if any of you want them.
  14. Sphinx

    Small piece in Daily Express today

    I think someone has been reading the poll on the front page.........must be a slow day for news at the Express (text as follows - I'll try to scan it when I get to desk, old headshot from 2004 used - again) Cover it up, Mozza! Having seen their hero recently turn 48, embarrassed fans of...
  15. Sphinx

    TTY now showing a photo of Morrissey with Iggy Pop

    Interesting image on TTY
  16. Sphinx

    Salford Lad Documentary

    I've stuck a version of it here, file is 50mb
  17. Sphinx

    12" picture disc

    In case any of you have a similar vinyl addiction to me. 12" picture disc of IJWTSTBH is now being listed at Sister Ray, its on the front page or this link will help. Price £9.99 plus postage etc. I've not seen it anyplace else for UK ordering yet...
  18. Sphinx

    Short clips Berlin

    Same principal as my other post. This time Berlin. Run time over 6 mins.
  19. Sphinx

    Short clips Nottingham and Luxembourg

    Clips combined into short movie files. Quality is ok, but I'm short so recording video clips is always a challenge :) Nottingham just over 2 mins Luxembourg is just under 5 mins. If these are worth posting let me know, as I have a few others I'm trimming if anyone wants them...
  20. Sphinx

    2 x Gmex on 22nd to sell/swap - need 1 Wembley

    I've ended up with 2 spares for Gmex on 22nd I need one (extra) for Wembley on the 8th must be standing - will swap GMex or buy etc. pm me if you're interested.
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