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    Paramore?.......any good?

    Only asking as my 14 year old daughter has gone to see them at Wembley tonight and this is her first non-moz non-me gig...... She left the house in her dr martens and a tartan tutu......and I suddenly feel very old.... * makes a cocoa and settles in for strictly* Love Alma xxx
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    Come Dine With Me!

    According to the Christmas Radio Times there will be a Smiths tribute band on the Come Dine With Me Christmas Special tonight (Channel 4 at 8pm) :thumb: Love Alma xxx
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    Welsh Miners

    I am in no way a political animal....not really my bag AT ALL....but I am feeling sad and angry... David Cameron has just been on the news offering his "deepest sympathies" to the families of the miners who died in a Welsh coal mine yesterday. One of the poor men who drowned hundreds of...
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    Fancy a RAH pre-show pint or two?

    If the show goes ahead tomorrow I will be in here.... from about 5pm onwards...seems as good a place as any...unless anyone has any better ideas? Hope to see all you lovely people tomorrow then! :) Love Alma xxx
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    Girls and cars?...a match made in HELL!

    My car developed a strange "rattle" this week which seemed to be coming from the back. It mostly occured when I turned a sharp bend or went round a roundabout. I'm not TOTALLY useless so I took a look underneath but couldn't see anything obvious. I sort of shook the exhaust pipe...kicked the...
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    Meet our new additions!

    After five full years of nagging and begging by my children I have finally given in! This is Lily.... And this is Lottie..... They are 11 week old dwarf lops...born on Easter Sunday...REAL Easter bunnies! I am totally smitten! :love: (Does owning rabbits make you a better...
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    Things just ain't what they used to be!

    Discuss! Love Alma xxx
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    T'ai Chi anyone?

    They are starting T'ai Chi classes for beginners in our village hall! :) It says in the leaflet that it "reduces anxiety, depression, chronic pain conditions and insomnia" and that it "boots the immune system, improves respiratory functions, burns calories, dramatically improves balance...
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    Complete this sentence - "You know your getting old when...."

    A few things spring to mind! "you know your getting old when... * you find yourself yelling up the stairs to the kid's "will you please turn that music down...I can't here myself think down here!" * you start making shoe purchases based primarily on comfort! * you pop into M&S for a...
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    Salisbury pre-show?

    As Morrissey stood me up at the Albert Hall I am planning on hitting the queue at Salisbury early to get a decent spot! :thumb: Still up for a pre-show drink long as it's early enough! Any ideas of a decent pub close to the venue anyone? Love Alma xxx
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    RAH - Pre-show drinkies?!

    Been waiting patiently for somebody to start this thread but as nobody has I guess it's time to take the bull by the horns so to speak! :blushing: Anyone have any ideas for a suitable drinking establishment within stumbling distance of the Albert Hall for a Monday Solo gathering? I am...
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    Alma & Moz do High School Musical!

    Hope this works! :) The one where Alma FINALLY gets her man! Love Alma xxx
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    Rihanna Row!

    The violent row that left pop princess Rihanna in hospital was sparked by her singer boyfriend Chris Brown flirting with British star Leona Lewis, it has been claimed. The Mirror quotes a witness at a pre-Grammy awards party as saying: "Rihanna saw Chris flirting. He and Leona were...
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    Portsmouth anyone?

    It's the half term holiday next week and I'm planning on taking the Matters children down to Portsmouth on the train for the day. They are both huge fans of history so we'll see The Mary Rose and The Victory of course. I've never been to Portsmouth before and wondered if there is anything...
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    Which cartoon character do you most physically resemble?

    I wish I could say Jessica Rabbit...Penelope Pitstop maybe...but on reflection I'd say I'm more.... Olive Oil! :) You? Love Alma xxx
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    When is somebody "middle-aged?"

    So...when are you officially "middle-aged?" Somebody at work referred to me as such today...I'm 41...but I sure don't feel "middle-aged" at all...I'm in my bloody prime! :p But I guess I am approximately half way through my life now? :( What say you? Love Alma xxx
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    Jade Goody

    Jade Goody discovered yesterday that her cancer has spread. The reality TV star said that doctors told her the cancer originally found in her cervix has now spread to her groin, liver and bowel. Doctors have now scrapped their previous estimate of a 40 per cent chance of survival - and...
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    The Official "what the hell have I missed?" Thread

    I appear to have "accidentially" had a little Solo sabbatical! :( First there was Christmas (hope you all had a good 'un?)...then I was busy settling into my new job...and last week I had a friend over from Chicago... So?...what have I missed friends?...anything good/exciting/scandalous...
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    "I Want You Back For Good?"

    A little light relief from all the tour mayhem/ticket scrambling! "Gary Barlow has revealed that he would welcome Robbie Williams back to Take That with open arms. It was claimed yesterday that Robbie was ready to head back to the group after he said: "I'd love to be in the band...
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    I have a mouse loose in my house! :eek: It all started a few weeks ago when I watching telly in the sitting room one night and heard a strange scratching sound followed by a little BUMP coming from behind the wall. I didn't think much of it at the time! Then a few days later I went...
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