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  1. Lorimoz

    Morrissey mention in the Metro (May 27, 2011)

    A small article by Keith Barker-Main was in the London Metro today (May 27).
  2. Lorimoz

    In the tabloid today

    Anybody else posted about this ?? ....So we would imagine that Morrissey won’t be best pleased to hear that Ticketmaster has included a coupon for a free hamburger at American restaurant chain Denny’s with each ticket for his gig in Los Angeles..... Read it here...
  3. Lorimoz

    Another unofficial dvd ??

    Did anybody else receive an email re this dvd ? :blushing: :confused: Surely another unofficial release that we will undoubtfully buy ....
  4. Lorimoz

    MOZ in the Express

    A short article about MOZ and the "nude" picture was in the Daily Express today. :)
  5. Lorimoz

    Any of you on Solo ??

    Often we come across old pictures of Morrissey with fans and it would be nice to know the story behind them and to see if these people are still fans. Anyone posts here or knows who they are ?? :confused:
  6. Lorimoz

    Camden - 6 day-pass

    Hi. I bought 2 x 6day-passes on the day they went for sale. A friend of mine was supposed to come from the US with me but, due to personal circumstances, she cannot make it. I don't want to make any money so I will sell it for £200 ( including P&P). I don't have the tix yet. I have used...
  7. Lorimoz

    "All you need is me"- Request

    To all you nice people out there can someome PLEASE upload the MP3 audio file of "All you need is me ?" I am not too fussy about any version you have. I have the MP4 version from the Carson Daly show but I would like to transfer it on my M3Player. Thanks a lot in advance and Happy New...
  8. Lorimoz

    Promo Cds

    These are 4 CD promos that I have. Grim, Beau, WCrisp or Stephane, are they worth anything ?? I looked on Passion just like mine but couldn't find Billy Budd. Maybe I didn't look in the right place. Can anyone shed any light on that , please ? Thanx a lot for your help. :)
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