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    Looking for a Stretford 59ers Shirt in med

    Looking for a Stretford 59ers Shirt in MED!!!!!! Willing to pay for shipping and $10 for your troubles!!! willing to go thru Paypal or eBay--EBay ID babybav73 (no neg ratings). Thx and Cheers!! D
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    Kill Uncle/Kietel Shirt

    Does anyone have the Kietel shirt from the Kill Uncle Tour? I would be interested, thanks! Cheers D
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    I am catching him in San Diego and had a quick question regarding when Mozzer soundchecks. Does he normally soundcheck around a certain time prior to the show as I wanted to try to get an autograph or photo with him (when exiting/entering the venue). Hopefully he is susceptible!? Any advice or...
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