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    Suede to reform for one night only

    I began the day resolute that I wouldn't buy a ticket for the recently-announced O2 add-on date in December. Not in that bloody giant barn. Not in my jobless state. No way. Never. Of course, I listened to that niggling inner voice this afternoon and bought one. But, I'll regret it when they...
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    1srt Smiths album

    Re: The Smiths first album Absolutely 100% with you on that one. There are quite a few people on forums who just post single scathing diatribes designed to belittle people. They contribute very little. Their knowledge and information is often limited and somewhat twisted. They just swoop in...
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    Suede to reform for one night only

    Me too. The eight minute version is heaven on a stick for me.
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    Spear of Desistiny

    Yeah, I was laughing about that. Maybe that's why they stopped playing...?
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    The Youngest Was The Most Loved promo (fake?)

    Mine looks just like that one, too. I think that it's fine.
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    Suede to reform for one night only

    Sorry, chap! I logged on to Seetickets this morning to have a look. Why they insist on doing it this way, I will never know... I was put in a queue on The Royal Albert Hall site, position 3498. Surely there must be a better way than releasing tickets for ALL of the acts on the same day at the...
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    Suede to reform for one night only

    Ebay are withdrawing auctions at the request of The Teenage Cancer Trust. If they don't donate at least 20% of the closing price to charity. Although, the process appears to be VERY selective. It's NOT sold out!! Though, the Arena and Circle tickets have certainly almost all been sold by now...
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    Suede to reform for one night only

    Anyone who would like a link for corporate presale tickets, let me know. It worked ten minutes ago when I bought mine. I seriously cannot wait to see them again! Going to be great night.
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    do you "rely" on Morrissey?

    Absolutely NOT! But, the music has always been an 'anchor' for me. And hopefully, it will remain that way....
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    I'm still very interested in a DVD copy of 'Introducing Morrissey'..... Assuming that I have not...

    I'm still very interested in a DVD copy of 'Introducing Morrissey'..... Assuming that I have not just stumbled blindly over a 'Sarcasm Hurdle'..... Thanks!
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    Hi, sorry to just PM you out of the blue. I would very much like a copy of Introducing...

    Hi, sorry to just PM you out of the blue. I would very much like a copy of Introducing Morrissey on DVD. I just wondered how much you would like to furnish me with a copy!?! Many thanks, Kind regards, Steve
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    Morrissey throws a heckler out of the Hamburg concert

    That last bit actually made me splutter my hot chocolate all over the keyboard! Excellent.
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    Would you ever cry at a Morrissey show?

    I always brush away a tear or two. In the dark....
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    Moz Bobbleheads

    They are resin. Quite substantial and heavy. I have the newer version, but would dearly like an '80s one. I understand that a lot of the older variety suffer from gladioli fatigue and have had the flowers broken off in transport. Check to make sure that a crafty repair hasn't taken place...
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    Does Moz attract a yobbish element?

    Thank you for starting this thread. It is a breath of fresh air! I do feel that this 'element' has become more prevalent in recent years. Talk of this being his possible last tour (something I have heard EVERY year since 2001) and a retained reputation as a performer who can (sometimes) produce...
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    What song would Chrissie Hynde like played at her funeral?

    It occurred to me that when Chrissie said in The Guardian Q&A that she had disappointed someone close about three weeks ago, that she was referring to not performing 'Shame Is The Name' at Brixton. The time scale is about right....
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    Ally Pally 05/11/09 added

    I imagine that those tickets are for the elevated stage area that Alexandra Palace often sets up. At an angle, close to the right of the stage. I suppose that there must be a demand for it. As others have correctly stated, it's a long, thin venue. So, there is less of a chance of getting a...
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