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  1. Elle

    Sheffield 30/10/09

    I saw your arm last night! I thought "I wouldn't mind that tattoo".
  2. Elle

    Sheffield 30/10/09

    Best I've heard Moz sing yet. Had a seat near the front but ended up standing at the front, between a wonderful collection of people! I ended up right at the front at the end. I thought it was a fantastic night, really wanted it to last longer. Thank you to anyone who helped me find my little...
  3. Elle

    What did make you smile today?

    A Pot Noodle. I'm not even joking.
  4. Elle

    Reschedule of RAH & Brum plus added dates in October 2009

    I nearly bought tickets for 'The Game'. Dear lord!
  5. Elle

    The hands up who is bloody excited thread

    Getting the train straight after school :thumb:
  6. Elle

    Moz tickets standing for 22nd May at Manchester Apollo

    I got one earlier from seetickets, but thank you anyway! :)
  7. Elle

    Desperate for 2 tickets for Manchester Saturday

    Well, more tickets were released for the Friday date so perhaps if you keep an eye on the seetickets website some more might come on sale? Worth a shot :)
  8. Elle

    Friday tickets available on Seetickets now...!

    That happened to me the first time, so I just did it again and it worked :)
  9. Elle

    Friday tickets available on Seetickets now...!

    Indeed, there was a ticket up for 'buy it now' @ £200 that seems to have been bought.
  10. Elle

    Friday tickets available on Seetickets now...!

    I had to do it twice, the site still says tickets are available :)
  11. Elle

    Moz tickets standing for 22nd May at Manchester Apollo

    I would've bought it off you! But now it's on ebay it'll go for silly money that my child benefit won't cover.
  12. Elle

    Ticket swap Mcr 22nd for Mcr 23rd

    pm'd a few minutes ago... (not a swap though, so not getting my hopes up :p)
  13. Elle

    Moz tickets for sale 22nd May

    I sent you a PM some time early in the afternoon? Ah wait, I think mine was a bit later than that. (edited)
  14. Elle

    I'd like to join the queue for a birthday gig ticket..

    Just need one! I know I'll probably have more luck sh*tting gold but if you don't try you'll never know (to get a ticket, not sh*t gold) Cheers!
  15. Elle

    Years of Refusal is utterly mediocre

    Thank you for a thread about your opinion. Well I still love the album.
  16. Elle

    Favorite Track from YOR

    Birthday for me I think. For now. Absolutely adore SISMS!
  17. Elle

    For those who've heard it, how do you now rate Years of Refusal?

    I'm definitely enjoying it. I rarely compare albums from different artists and genres but this, in my opinion, beats most of the albums from last year.
  18. Elle

    The Strictly Come Dancing appreciation thread!

    I fancy Anton du Beke. *sigh* Another one to add to my list of inappropriately-aged lust objects.
  19. Elle

    Celebrities and their schooldays - Morrissey included

    The one about Nigella Lawson is a bit ... oo-er.
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