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  1. shawnxvx

    MSG GA ticket for sale

    Selling a MSG GA1. $150. This is a hard ticket and I'll ship certified.
  2. shawnxvx

    Edgefield Troutdale OR ticket
  3. shawnxvx

    signed years of refusal bowery ballroom #4/30
  4. shawnxvx

    4th row tiles center for sale

    row b seat 142. i'll sell it for $80 pm me.
  5. shawnxvx

    BAM ticket wanted/needed

    just throwing it out there. i know they just went on sale and the show is still a bit into the future. anything pit or row a. will make offers or trade a 4th row ticket for the long island show.
  6. shawnxvx

    pittsburgh and columbus for sale

    both sold.
  7. shawnxvx

    want to buy terminal 5 ticket for both nights

    i need both nights. please pm if you are selling either. thanks!
  8. shawnxvx

    tix for trade

    i have the following tickets and will trade a ticket for a ticket. straight up trade for the either of the terminal 5 nyc shows. pittsburgh orch-r j 2 columbus ga asheville ga *on ebay now to raise funds for the few shows i can get to.
  9. shawnxvx

    LPs and a 7" (make offer)

    I am selling these for a friend. Make an offer for all of them. The Smiths lp has a worn out edge and writing on the inner sleeve. Interesting Drug is also torn up along the edge. A rabbit is to blame. haha Hateful is cartel uk pressing. Headmaster is US record store day 2009. she...
  10. shawnxvx

    smiths on npr

    February 27, 2010 Host Guy Raz talks with Peter Wild, the editor of Please: Fiction Inspired by the Smiths.
  11. shawnxvx

    Fred Perry f/s cheap

    i look good(or crazy) in this jacket... you can as well(not sure if it'll turn yr eyes red though)!
  12. shawnxvx

    cold wave

    i am not a 'music' person by any means, so... as of late i keep coming across these genres that i didnt know about. so, anyone like any cold wave stuff? some bands that i should look into?
  13. shawnxvx

    happy bday corrissey!

  14. shawnxvx

    Hollister Promotes Statutory Rape

    Young-trending mall brand Hollister e-mailed pictures of its new girls t-shirts, which the chain calls "Hot and funny." We call slogans like "LEGAL-ISH" and "The twins are quite a handful," marketed at 15-year-olds, gross and inappropriate. contact them and demand these disgusting shirts be...
  15. shawnxvx

    what does (the) board think of me?

    :rolleyes: i'm surprised no one else beat me to making these threads... edit: meant to post this in the sty. oh well.
  16. shawnxvx

    itunes question

    normally(i think), the album artwork will show up on the bottom left corner of itunes. it is not there on mine. how do i get it to show up? i looked all over the preferences, etc... and cant figure it out. plz help. kthanx.
  17. shawnxvx

    happy bday nowherefast944

    have a great one!:guitar:
  18. shawnxvx

    wanted: moz fan zines and subway poster

    have either to offer? Pm me the details.
  19. shawnxvx

    not sharing or selling

    why would a person have a bootleg that is not openly available and only want to trade it for other not openly available bootlegs? if the person holding the bootleg is not in the business to sell them, then why not share them with other fans? not just bootleggers... just wondering... also...
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