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  1. esteban

    Writing credits

    Who wrote which songs on the album? Looked online but can't find anything.
  2. esteban

    Alma Matters 12" Island

    Mine's on eBay at the moment, one day auction!
  3. esteban

    12" Smiths collection for sale

    Hi, I'm liquidising my Smiths 12" collection, I've stuck 'em on eBay if anyone wants them otherwise they're going to the charity shop! cheers
  4. esteban

    Morrissey painting for sale

    Hi, I've currently got this unique (i.e. not a print) Morrissey painting for sale on eBay, there is no reserve on it so you could get a bargain! cheers
  5. esteban

    User: Paul Can't Sing

    Can any Mod explain why 'Paul Can't Sing' has been banned please? I can't see how any of their posts have broken the site rules.
  6. esteban

    Morrissey collapsed on stage

    Just got a text off Jukebox Jury who said Moz has collapsed on stage in Swindon and has been taken to hospital. :confused: I hope he's ok...
  7. esteban

    For Sale: Framed Morrissey Poster

    Hi, I'm moving house shortly and I need to downsize some of my collection so unfortunately this poster has to go. It is a limited edition print for Morrissey's show at the Backyard (Oak Amphitheatre) in Austin, Texas on the 29 October 2004. The show was cancelled so I'm not sure if that...
  8. esteban

    C'mon Andorra

    Let's beast England. Or failing that, break BOTH of Rooney's legs.
  9. esteban


    I wonder if the scum win tonight that the Swedish fantasist Urban will come crawling out of the woodwork.
  10. esteban

    Picture request

    Hi, I'm looking for a picture of Morrissey at the Empress Ballroom at Blackpool in 2004, I've search all over on Moz-solo but I can't find it. It was my wallpaper until a few days ago but had to have my hard drive wiped :( It's a quite large pic with Moz in a blue velvet jacket and grey...
  11. esteban

    Cosmic Dancer live Different from all the other Kill Uncle performances I am led to believe as this features the whole band.
  12. esteban

    Some jobs are bigger than others

    In Manchester city centre BUPA are using a parody of the Queen is Dead Lads club photo in a new recruitment drive. I've attached two pictures of the said posters. Apparently this wasn't deemed newsworthy enough to be classed as news! :confused:
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