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  1. j0wled

    For all you GRAMMER Nazis

    Re: For all you grammar Nazis Grammar Nazis for the win. When I am king, those who misuse apostrophes will be first against the wall.
  2. j0wled

    what are you eating right now

    I'm taking a break from my vegematarian pineapple satay thingy. So filling.
  3. j0wled

    my 2010 #1 solo crush

    Re: my new #1 solo crush No. Me. I'm so irresistable and everything.
  4. j0wled

    Songs from Hell

    There'll be a medley of American Pie (any/all versions), Hotel California and Khe Sanh. I will request a transfer. Though actually, I'm on Team Hell and f*** it, I don't want to go to heaven even if it is real. I bet in Heaven they have to listen to Creed. And Taylor Swift. Firebomb that dump!
  5. j0wled

    film 'Avatar' makes people want to kill themselves

    I know people were jizzing over how amazing it looked, but the CG stuff still looked to me like it was made on a PS3. Only the characterisation wasn't as deep.
  6. j0wled

    Kelis rejects PETA demands to stop wearing fur

    The order Carnivora does not mean the same thing as "carnivore". I know it's splitting hairs, but if you're going to go for the sneering "I'm so right/she's so thick" angle, these things are very important.
  7. j0wled

    Kelis rejects PETA demands to stop wearing fur

    Some of what you say here is massively weird and wrong, though you're right about minks not being rodents. They're mustelidae, like stoats. Who everyone loves. I'm 100% sure I agree with you on this whole issue as far as coats go, but if you're going to try to trump Kelis' luxurious furry...
  8. j0wled

    Scummiest Part of your town/city

    The Detroit ghetto looked kind of awesome. I loved the boats! And Anglia Square looks like a New Zealand university. The shittest part of my city is Fairfield. But the vegetable shop is good, and it's only a stone's throw from the lovely houses of River Road, which is kind of nice. The...
  9. j0wled

    What is Morrissey's most humorous solo album?

    Kill Uncle. I suppose. But I can't remember if Maladjusted was funny or not, it's been a while. But I seem to recall it being pretty much no laughing matter...
  10. j0wled

    I love Japan

    Japan are excellent. If the country's half as good as the band, it'll be great.
  11. j0wled

    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    I'm listening to Tunnel of Love, by Bruce Springsteen, more than I have in a while. Because I rediscovered the video. And I remember that I liked it a lot.
  12. j0wled

    The OFFICIAL Manchester City F.C Thread

    Well anyway, that was nice. And down here in the underworld, we're getting coverage of pretty much every Man City game on TV. At last.
  13. j0wled

    Touch my bum, Santa

    This is life.
  14. j0wled

    Best Morrissey album of the decade

    Ringleader has slowly but surely begun to really do it for me. More than Quarry. Some time around September this year, it reached the number one position.
  15. j0wled

    Sociology Coursework

    At first glance I read that as "Scientology Coursework". But I can't help either way.
  16. j0wled

    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    And The Ass Saw The Angel, by Nick Cave. I think I mentioned it before, but I put it down for a few months.
  17. j0wled

    Things Moz should write a song about

    I know. I'm sorry. But maybe it could be a change?
  18. j0wled

    Stephen Fry is a Morrissey fan?

    I hope he thought it was hot.
  19. j0wled

    What band shirt should I wear for the moz show?

    Joy Division always works. You know, the Unknown Pleasures cover image. Such excellence is seldom matched.
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