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  1. brenda


    I did, I lost myself a little. Too naive to see. I'll just blame that on my youth. But, phew, glad that's over. I'm over it. I will resist nothing. I'm letting go. I have my life and that is the most beautiful thing I can think of! You have life too! I love that shit! You gave me this...
  2. brenda

    chicago to michigan?

    So how possible would it be to go from the chicago gig to the one in michigan? Assuming and hoping that I can get tickets. Is there any trains? or just any general information you'd like to would be much appreciated.
  3. brenda

    Help a fella out...please :)

    Hello everyone, I'm going to be at the Chicago show this November, and i'm so excited - I'ts going to be my first time seeing Morrissey.. and I was just wondering if its really difficult to possibly get to the very front. If anyone knows any "strategies" or information..or what not i'd really...
  4. brenda


    well im very new here and I was just wondering if their is any other afi fans or anyone thats heard of them here?
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