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  1. mauve21

    Books (about drugs etc) from the hippie era

    Has anyone read the books by Carlos Castanada. Yeh, I know youll all say the hippie shit but the thing is Ive been having an ongoing argument with my ex for years about the fact I don't believe theres spiritual grooviness in getting all stoned and hallucinating. He reckons there is though...
  2. mauve21

    Melbourne concert first three rows! Who was there?

    So, who was and are you in here?:guitar:
  3. mauve21

    Funniest or Silliest thing you've seen this year so far

    For me it has to be:- :lbf:
  4. mauve21

    Arctic Monkeys New Year Gift to Australia

    Arctic Monkeys toured here (I'm in Melbourne, Australia). They were bloody fantastic, I must say.
  5. mauve21

    Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed

    What would Morrissey's Mum think of this title? Or....he's not being mean to his Mum is he??......:confused::straightface::guitar:
  6. mauve21

    Facebook - ing Morrissey -solo

    Hey, me not being particularly clever or technically minded, the questiong is hard to put into words. How do I have my accounts with Facebook and Morrissey-solo connected?
  7. mauve21

    Morrissey's knowledge of psychiatric medication

    Just out of interest I wonder about that track "Something is squeezing my skull" on Years of Refusal. When Morrissey mentions brand name medication ,do we think he is talking from personal experience or merely commenting upon someone he knows...
  8. mauve21

    Snooty bitches and bastards

    Don't you just hate them.... Huh? I was in the chemist today getting my nicotine replacement gum. The woman who served me, she's like she thinks she's the queen of the world or something. The way she prances about the shop, wearing just about all the makeup in the whole shop on her...
  9. mauve21

    What oxymoron best describes what you are thinking at this very moment?

    Awash with degradation? Calmly anxious? Happily furious? Oh, and by the way I had to start this as I noticed noone is replying to my last "what I was thinking" post and I felt it only right to provide a more complex narrative....:thumb:
  10. mauve21

    Make Morrissey a saint

    Should it happen? :guitar:
  11. mauve21

    Morrissey's league of non marrying kind of people

    Heh....Heh.....:thumb: Someone had to say this. Who else is in agreement that marriage is a "no go zone" or is it all just "sour grapes" to think that......
  12. mauve21

    The Atheists vs The Catholics

    This has to be a 'first time' occurence. Our current Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard has pronounced herself to be an Atheist. We are to have a Federal Election this weekend and the guy in the other party is a Catholic. Julia Gillard:- current PM for the Labor party. Lives...
  13. mauve21

    Passing judgement on other people's relationships

    Of course I'm referring to the Russell Brand wedding situation.... Do we think it's rude to tell someone they shouldn't get married... What's your opinion?
  14. mauve21

    Abstinence makes the heart go?

    Just out of interest what do you guys think about the following:- Abstinence from drinking alcohol. Abstinence from smoking. Abstinence from having sex. I have given up all three and how come I don't feel spiritual, and exulted? Huh? I thought I would become the epitome of purity and...
  15. mauve21

    Fame, would it be nice and why?

    Mmm, the question begs? Apart from obvious advantage of having lots of money, would it be nice or not so nice? What do you people think? Please say something.... Please elaborate......... "Men of good fortune often cause empires to fall, while men of poor beginnings...
  16. mauve21

    Cooler and hipper than other sites

    Morrissey-solo is a thought provoking, tantalizing, up to the minute source of sociological wonder, pop culture and no less would be expected from fans of the singer Morrissey!!!:guitar::thumb: Was just thinking of a description for the site. Someone else do one now!:)
  17. mauve21

    "The Malady Lingers on"

    How about we have a thread to discuss our ailments...... It helps sometimes to get things off your chest... I'll go first. Last year I pulled a muscle in my leg. From January this year my knee has filled up with fluid. The pain has been so bad I can hardly walk. I am going to...
  18. mauve21

    Bad poems for you

    When Morrissey was seen with Lady Ga Ga, some of his fans were heard to say "What a shame she's so thin. and much younger than him. and does the other guy also want to play!?!?" But the word from those in the know, is that Morrissey didn't really want to go, and was cajoled by the...
  19. mauve21

    shame and degradation

    What I feel having made some sexist remarks about Mr. Morrissey.... It brings flashbacks of being a good catholic girl and going to confesssion...... Errr should I say now I'm thinking about Father Morrissey and going to confession.... Actually I better stop thinking...
  20. mauve21


    Are people who wear beards trying to hide something?!!?:)
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