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  1. alainsane

    He's been telling us the whole time?

    In a 1984 interview in #1 magazine, Morrissey says the following, "I'd rather be remembered as a big-mouthed failure than an effete little wimp." Given the spate of post-millennium controversy in his orbit combined with the dismal failure of his last few self-penned albums, I can't help but...
  2. alainsane

    "A soft place to land" Goodbye, Realitybites

    With great sadness, I am notifying the other affected residents of this site that the M-soloer known as realitybites/Jehne Lunden has been sung to sleep. For more than a decade, Jehne was a prolific contributor to these Morrissey-solo forums, engaging in spirited discussions of the numerous...
  3. alainsane

    Morrissey on IRS's The Cutting Edge (on MTV)

    YouTuber, MrPhilrand, has posted two videos from the MTv show, The Cutting Edge. The videos seem to be labeled backwards, with part 1 being called part 2 and vice-versa. The description on the YouTube videos says 1986, but the video indicates the time is October, 1985. As the opening shot of the...
  4. alainsane

    Sad what passes for art direction

    All this time, I'd thought the grainy look of the IANADOAC cover was just a function of low-resolution derivatives, but evidently the intended concept was to mimic fan-made, bootleg-concert artwork circa 1999? Back then, we had to use whatever 640x480 px images someone happened to share. What...
  5. alainsane

    Morrissey mention on Better Caul Saul?

    This past Monday's episode (S05E09) of Better Call Saul caught my eye even more than usual when in an early scene, a big rig rolls through the scene emblazoned with "Morrissey Freight." I don't find an actual company called Morrissey Freight, so it's got me wondering what the reference might...
  6. alainsane

    Maladjusted (Smiths/Morrissey Tribute Band) peforming at Rips Bar, Phoenix: June 8, 2019

    Here is a promo for a Smiths/Morrissey tribute band show in Phoenix this weekend. Rips Bar, 3045 N 16th Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 85016.
  7. alainsane

    California Son - member first impressions

    I am thoroughly pleased with the new album--after having hated World Peace and having disliked Low In High School. Even the "Lady Willpower" track which had me cringing a bit feels very good in the context of the album. It sounds like it's mastered a tad too loud on some songs, but it's not...
  8. alainsane

    My Favorite Murder podcast profiles woman abducted hours after attending 1991 Morrissey concert

    My Favorite Murder--a "true crime comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark"--recently (April 18th) published a new episode--half of which centered around the abduction and murder of Denise Huber. Denise had been traveling home after attending the June 2nd, 1991 Morrissey...
  9. alainsane

    Ian Fowles aka Eaglebones Falconhawk of The Aquabats! posts Instagram story clad in Smiths hoodie

    The Aquabats!’ guitarist, Ian Fowles/Eaglebones @ianwfowles has just posted an Instagram “story” in which he poses seated and playing guitar, clad in a black Smiths hoodie. Last Halloween, The Aquabats! performed live while dressed like Robert Smith of The Cure.
  10. alainsane

    Early Smoking Popes aka Speedstick

    This 1990 live-from-someone's-basement footage features the Caterer brothers (performing as Speedstick) starting at about six minutes in.
  11. alainsane

    Kelly Osbourne posts picture with Morrissey holding her dog

    In a Facebook post captioned, "Watching Polly fall in love with #Morrissey #LifeGoals ," Kelly Osbourne shared a picture snapped of her with Morrissey holding Kelly's dog, Polly.
  12. alainsane

    Smiths sweater worn in Halloween episode of The Daily Show

    The Halloween, 2016 episode of The Daily Show Starring Trevor Noah was a fantasy episode set in the dystopic future--on the eve of the 2020 U.S. Presidential elections, following Donald Trump's calamitous first term. During the episode, they cut to a futuristic version of the program that...
  13. alainsane

    From the archives: 1991 Chicago concert review

    Morrissey makes his misery catchy Chicago Sun-Times (IL) (Published as Chicago Sun-Times) - June 26, 1991 Author/Byline: Jae-Ha Kim Edition: FIVE STAR SPORTS FINAL Section: SECTION 2 FEATURES Page: 39 Column: ROCK MUSIC Few musicians have made careers out of selling their misery as well as...
  14. alainsane

    Anyone need a copy of Alain's Red Lightning CD?

    Today, I picked up a copy of Alain Whyte's band's Red Lightning's L.A. Crash Landing CD at Goodwill for 50 cents (I didn't want to see it get tossed). If anyone in the U.S. wants it, for the 50 cents plus actual shipping charges, PM me. Cheers.
  15. alainsane

    D.C. Web site ran, then halted, a free Morrissey concert tix contest based on best suicide note This is from back in 2012--in reference to the (ultimately cancelled) December 7th Bethesda, MD show. I didn't see it anywhere else on the site already.
  16. alainsane

    Fox Sports newscaster sings "Panic" during NCLS post-Game 4 report

    Re: San Francisco Giants' second baseman, Joe Panik.
  17. alainsane

    Where do I get some of the Kool-aid being drunk by everyone who loves the new album?

    It's weird (but calculated?) that the song quality gets progressively worse through the playing of this album--so that when you mercifully get to the end, the first few songs (which sounded atrocious on first-listen) sound relatively good. I bought two copies--something quite normal for me with...
  18. alainsane

    Conor Oberst Rape Accuser: 'I Made Up Lies to Get Attention"

    ""In February, Oberst had filed a libel lawsuit against her, calling her accusations "absolutely, unequivocally false." From this article on Rolling Stone Maybe if the new album doesn't do well, Morrissey can start filing lawsuits against some of this site's users.
  19. alainsane

    The Dead Milkmen mention Morrissey on MTV's 120 Minutes (w/ Kevin Seal, circa 1989)

    Here it is @ 4m40sec, if the clip doesn't cue properly: The whole flippin' clip is awesome, so back it up after you hear their story. As an aside, I've been gorging on "Eat Your Paisley!" lately, and the guitar work on that album sounds divinely inspired by The Smiths.
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