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    Morrissey A-Z: "Tomorrow"

    A fine song and it seemed to be well received at the recent shows. Mick Ronson deserves a lot of credit, as always, and Morrissey is also in fine voice. His vocal melody again really propels the song. In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 13th from 264 solo songs.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "To Me You Are a Work of Art"

    Another song where I feel the vocal melody outshines the music. Alain's contribution is mostly very average, with a few brighter moments, and it's up to Morrissey to try to create something memorable. This is particularly true of the chorus. Not one of his best songs, but a solid album track...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "To Give (The Reason I Live)" (live cover)

    I remember hearing this song at a show I attended and it was a mildly interesting addition to the set list. I don't particularly enjoy the arrangement, but Morrissey pushes himself vocally. It's also typical of him to choose an obscurity from the Frankie Valli catalogue. In the poll on the...
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    NME: "Watch Blossoms and Rick Astley team up to cover The Smiths" (September 14, 2021)

    Rick Astley and Blossoms can both sell out big venues on their own merit, so no surprise that they can sell tickets for a fun show like this. They seem to have done a good job with the songs and I'm sure it will be a good night out. Amusing that some people might like to try to twist it into...
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    Chicago, IL - Riot Fest - Thursday Preview Party (Sep. 16, 2021) post-show

    Morrissey sang "playboys" in 2018.
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    Chicago, IL - Riot Fest - Thursday Preview Party (Sep. 16, 2021) post-show

    There were no problems with Morrissey's vocal on Playboys in 2018 as the Youtube videos show. Even back in 1991 he was letting the band sing "International".
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    Morrissey A-Z: "This Song Doesn't End When It's Over"

    I wouldn't say that this was Morrissey leaving his musical comfort zone, as it's just another dull Boz tune and we have heard dozens of those over the past 30 odd years (along with some fine songs, of course). It's also another track where the vocal melody is superior to the music. The "Do you...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"

    He played more than 50 shows on the Maladjusted tour. He played 0 shows to promote Vauxhall and I and 15-20 to promote Southpaw Grammar, so more than 50 dates has to be considered a long tour by anyone's standards.
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    Rick Astley Twitter: Rick Astley & Blossoms perform the songs of The Smiths - 2 Smiths-themed concerts in October (September 14, 2021)

    Rick Astley still has a great voice and it's cool that he is doing this, presumably just for the hell of it.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "This Is Not Your Country"

    I remember buying the CD single and then listening to this at home. I thought it was awful at the time and one of Morrissey's worst songs. I have warmed to it ever so slightly since then, but it is still desperately weak. The production sounds very cheap, it drags on forever and the repeated...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"

    Morrissey did a very long tour to promote Maladjusted and did quite a bit of TV work. I'm sure he could have done more, but he did far less for Vauxhall and I a few years earlier. I can understand you liking the production for the album, as that's a personal thing. Each to their own.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"

    Well, as you've mentioned, it's often said so there's not much point in me restating it. I think it's clear that the production of Vauxhall and I is much more nuanced, and there is no comparison between the sound of something like Lifeguard Sleeping and the cheap sound of Sorrow Will Come in...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "There Speaks a True Friend"

    As I said way back on letter "A", just to give a different opinion as these threads are all about opinions. We are nearly at the end of the alphabet now anyhow...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "There's a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends"

    The studio version is vastly superior to the live recording. The band were very raw in 1991 and their lack of experience shows here. Thankfully they improved a lot by the tours of 1992. The original was a good way to conclude a substandard album and should never have been omitted from the...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"

    While there are many fine songs pre-1997, I think that is nostalgia talking as much as anything else. I have a fondness for Maladjusted, but I can still see the clear step down in the quality of the production between 1994 and 1997. Steve Lillywhite going through a divorce may well have played a...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "There Speaks a True Friend"

    This might be one of the thinnest songs musically that Morrissey has ever put words to. I wonder whether Mick Ronson was unavailable to produce it, or whether he simply focused almost all of his efforts on the album tracks. This is a world away from the sound of Your Arsenal. The lyrics make...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"

    I don't think too many people would have an issue with Steve Lillywhite's production at all during this era. It was only the Maladjusted period that suffered.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get"

    The obvious single from the album and a deserved return to the Top Ten. I think it was the first really strong single since the Bona Drag era, and I personally can't imagine any other songs from Vauxhall and I having the same impact on the charts. Strong and amusing lyrics, a memorable vocal...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "That's How People Grow Up"

    Morrissey has said that this came together very quickly and I like the spontaneous nature of it. It feels like him attempting something different which was no bad thing. I am also one of those who has no issue with Kristeen Young's voice. Not a classic, but fine for the occasional listen...
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    Morrissey A-Z: "That's Entertainment"

    Not a bad cover and the live version had some real energy (despite the musical limitations). 1991 wasn't a time when Morrissey was at his best in the studio though, and this is inessential. In the poll on the Hoffman board it ranked 189th from 264 solo songs.
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