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  1. vicarinatutugal

    happy mothers day all the mums!

    I hope you all get spoiled today, I got a lovely card and my sister and I are going to have lunch with our lovely mum at 1. Bang goes the diet lol!
  2. vicarinatutugal

    >> America: full of wankers <<

    How the childish amuse themselves 1. Number of wankers in America? 81 (including an Urban Wanker) 2. Number of Bastards? Four. 3. There's only one shit (Wing Jay Shit) but six Anuses, 20 Tossers and 18 Slags. 4. Find out all of this and more on the Social Security Death Register...
  3. vicarinatutugal

    Dad at 13

    I am horrified and disgusted. :( He is a baby himself. I feel like an old croney but seriously what the hell is the world coming to? not the baby's brother, its her DAD! and that girl should be prosecuted! If the ages were the other way round there would be a bloody outcry! anyway...
  4. vicarinatutugal

    want to know when you were concieved?

    and other cool stuff? try the birthday calculator I can tell you that I am 1,013,101,320 seconds old. ( well add a few more in the time it has taken me to type this)
  5. vicarinatutugal

    christian bale loses his sh**

    so em, Christian Bale comes across as a bit of a numpty in this sound bite :rolleyes: It is NSFW or if you have the kids about, you have been warned! to add, a light guy walks over to check something and Christian loses it.
  6. vicarinatutugal

    Uncyclopedia Morrissey entry

    This was new to me, so sharing it here. :D very funny :D
  7. vicarinatutugal

    who you gonna call?

    A real-life ghostbuster has been called to a "haunted" hospital following reports by staff of a cloaked figure roaming the wards and corridors, it has been reported. The spooky sightings at the new Royal Derby Hospital have prompted NHS bosses to summon an exorcist, The Sun claimed...
  8. vicarinatutugal

    Dad threw girl, four, from bridge

    This has to be one of the saddest sickest things I have read. :tears: In melbourne a "father" threw his 4 year old daughter off a 200ft bridge while in a custody battle with the childs mother. The custody battle had ended with out an offical agreement as the parents had agreed to share...
  9. vicarinatutugal

    The stig revealed!

    surprised or not? I am not. source
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  11. vicarinatutugal

    Prince Harry being indiscreet

    :rolleyes: idiot. I suppose this is what the tabs are going to be full of tomorrow.
  12. vicarinatutugal

    How embarrassing!

    poor, poor guy! taken from the smoking gun It seems this guy, fell through the chair lift after it did not operate correctly and got caught by his boot/ski and was left hanging trouserless for 15 mins! :eek:
  13. vicarinatutugal

    Boy, four, shoots his babysitter

    A boy of four shot his babysitter in revenge for accidentally standing on his foot. :eek: The boy grabbed the shotgun from a cupboard and shot 18-year-old Nathan Beavers in his arm and side. Another teenager was also injured. Witnesses told police the child was angry because Nathan...
  14. vicarinatutugal

    celeb bb!!

    who is watching this? I am happy with who has gone in, I think it is going to be good
  15. vicarinatutugal

    shoe thrown at Bush

    funniest thing ever? info here if you want it
  16. vicarinatutugal

    seven deadly sins questions

    Here are some questions, answer them if you want to. WRATH. 1. Who did you last get angry with? my other half 2. What is your weapon of choice? bitchyness 3. Would you hit a member of the opposite sex? only in a joke I suppose 4. How about of the same sex? no, I am not a hitter 5. Who...
  17. vicarinatutugal

    man pregnant for the 2nd time

    Barbara Walters -- who's profiling Beatie and his wife in a one-hour special tomorrow night on ABC called "Journey of a Pregnant Man" -- revealed today on The View that during their interview, the couple said they'll give birth again in June. Beatie who was born a woman, is now legally a man...
  18. vicarinatutugal

    Top Gear

    Lets talk about how cool it is. :D (yes it need's it's own thread) I mostly like the presenting style and the things they get up to. The cars not too much. :p
  19. vicarinatutugal

    Caught out big time!

    This is so funny, totally caught out skiving from work. ever been caught out as bad as that?
  20. vicarinatutugal

    David Ford

    I love David Ford and just got this mail out, would be a cool oppertunity for any David Ford fan so thought I would alert to the fact he needs some help here. HELP DAVID FORD & GET IN TO HIS AMERICAN GIGS FOR FREE David has four solo gigs in the States coming up; Charleston 23rd...
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