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  1. iamkali62

    Question About Moz Lyrics- help!

    I don't know if anyone knows the answer to this but it's been bugging me. It's on "I'll Never Be Anyone's Hero Now"- the line is - "and my love is under the ground, my one true love is under the ground.." Does anyone know who he might be referring to? Thanks.:)
  2. iamkali62


    I was just checking CNN online and unfortunately, my speakers are not working, but this gist of what happened is this: a new father names his daughter, Sarah McCain Palin, without telling his WIFE. Does he realize the psychiatric bills coming his way in the future?
  3. iamkali62

    Tonight's Debate...

    How do you feel tonight's Presidential debate will go? Are the gloves finally going to come off? Opinions? Thanks. :)
  4. iamkali62

    POLL-if you are a troll that doesn't troll would you be considered an asshole?

    What do you personally think of this statement? If one calls themself a troll, can they all be assholes? Even if they don't *troll* but identify themselves proudly as one? Opinions. Okay, I admit, I worded this wrong. Say you're a troll and proud of it. But supposedly you don't use your trolling...
  5. iamkali62

    Trade School

    I have a B.A. in English that I earned back in 1984 but I was too lazy to go to grad school. :( I've been thinking about going to a trade school (probably to get a Microsoft degree) but I'm not sure yet. Have any of you been to trade schools, and if so, what was your experience like?
  6. iamkali62

    Paul Newman Dies At 83

    :( I just found out that Paul Newman died. :(
  7. iamkali62

    Scariest Author

    In your opinion, who is the scariest author? Stephen King, Dean Koontz or Clive Barker, and why?
  8. iamkali62

    Tiny High Heels For 3-4 year old little girls

    I saw this on the news and it reminded me of Jon Benet. Some braindead women have *invented* these *cute* high heels for kids. They have squishy heels if they walk in them but they look just like high heels. I think that's kind of sick. Manolo Blahnik, watch out.:(
  9. iamkali62

    The Ricky Gervais Appreciation Thread

    I saw him on the Emmys last night and he is SO MUCH funnier than Steve Carell and I want to see his new movie, which I can't think of the name right now, but he makes me laugh even when he smiles that smile of his. So, today I salute Mr. Ricky Gervais! :guitar:
  10. iamkali62

    Will You Be Watching "The Emmy's"?

    Well, this girl is. Michael C. Hall (who is in my avatar in that painting of the character "Dexter" is in the race but he's got some stiff competition with James Spader and others. I am definitely watching this thing! It comes out here in a little over 3 hours. Woo hoo.:guitar:
  11. iamkali62

    Would You Ever Consider A Job As A Fluffer?

    Fluffers usually *help* guys in porno films get their erections back between takes. I wonder if Ron Jeremy ever needed a fluffer? I wonder how much it pays? Hm...;)
  12. iamkali62

    Cloning Pets

    If your beloved dog or cat died, would you try to clone them? Opinions, please! I personally wouldn't do it because I don't think anything scientific could TRULY replace my cat. Plus, it's damned expensive. A woman paid a cloning service of some kind about $40k to get Fifi back. That's what I...
  13. iamkali62

    "Lakeview Terrace"

    How many of you want to see this film? I do! Sam Jackson makes a scary cop!
  14. iamkali62

    Just In...

    I was just watching the tabloid show, "Extra" and apparently Michael Jackson's Calvin Klein underwear is for sale. Going price so far? $38,000!
  15. iamkali62

    Should Postgender Men Be On America's New Model?

    Okay, it was hokey but all I have are Spanish stations so I watched this. This person is named Isis. But I had a difficult time calling her or thinking of her as "postgender" because she still has a penis. One of the catty females made one comment, "How did you walk down the runway with THAT?"...
  16. iamkali62

    Curious about something...

    Okay, without going into too much detail, I have a friend who happens to be gay, and he lives with his lover (whom I cannot stand- never met him but he's an asshole.) He actually screams at my friend to make sure the scrubbing sponge in the kitchen is squeezed out and bone dry. Also bought him a...
  17. iamkali62

    Where is Caylee Anthony?

    Was Casey Anthony (mum) involved in her disappearance? Opinions? She is 3 years old and she disappeared a month ago and her mom is lying about where she is but cops think she really knows where she is....dead.
  18. iamkali62

    Terrorism At Olympic Games?

    I have this sick feeling in my stomach that something horrible is going to happen at the Olympic Games. Al Queda might be involved somehow, despite China and their heavy security. If I was one of the athletes I would be kind of worried. What do you think? I just remember the events in Munich in...
  19. iamkali62

    Help! Question For The Guys Of Solo....

    This is rather ridiculous but I am dead serious. My father is 84 and he looks kind of like Wilfred Brimley, and he hasn't shaved his beard IN MONTHS. I'm talking like, 6 months. He just asked me to get rid of it. I've got a good pair of scissors and good shaving gel, but what's the best way to...
  20. iamkali62

    Bjork, yes or no?

    I was just wandering in land when I started humming this old Sugarcubes song, "Motorcrash", and I was wondering, could a self respecting Moz fan REALLY get into her music? I like her, but to each their own. Opinions?
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