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  1. rifke

    the best thing you will EVER see

    teehee *thud* :love::love::love::rabbitface::rabbitface::rabbitface:
  2. rifke

    Rifke and EddY Read (no sharons)

    rifke reads some of her favourite poems and passages!! a little treat for y'all during these hard times!! updated regularly!! NO sharons!!
  3. rifke

    Top ten David Bowie music videos

    10. because that is one sexy old man. (would've preferred 'thursdays child' at #10 but youtube would not allow it) 9. his gaze!! his profile!! 8. his dancing!! also i dont care what anyone says, this is a GREAT song!! 7. corporate sexiness. david bowie means BUSINESS in that...
  4. rifke

    happy birthday dreamyneil

    look at this little darling, you guys!!!! just look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :rabbitface::love::rabbitface::love::rabbitface::love::rabbitface::love::rabbitface:
  5. rifke

    is skylarker more of a chump or a schlump?

    chump: a foolish or easily deceived person. schlump: a slow, slovenly, or inept person.
  6. rifke

    My interview with Skylarker (***he gets annoyed!!)

    :rabbitface: :cactus: :rabbitface: :cactus: :rabbitface: :cactus: :rabbitface: :cactus:
  7. rifke

    the official Oh My thread

    1. what kind of freaky shit are you and your girlfriend into? Literature, music, dance, alchemy, poetry, philosophy, Buddhism, becoming quarantine experts... A lot of things actually, though most of them are either related to art or culture. Did I tell you the whole story? It's a bit long, she...
  8. rifke

    Happy Birthday Jesus!

    all the best people are born in December!!
  9. rifke

    Rifke interviews

    VIVA HATE!!! yes i know it's been done before, but not by me ********************************************************************** 1. why are you so bloody obnoxious? I'm afraid its because a good old fashioned sense of superiority. You see, I know I'm better than all of you so I don't have to...
  10. rifke

    Very important request

    can we pleeeeease get a smug smiley?! I really really need a smug smiley. you don't know how many times I've made a post wanting to finish with a smug smiley and remembering that there isn't one!!! 95% of the time I don't feel like I can adequately convey my meaning without the smug smiley...
  11. rifke

    fun game: bunny or neil codling (hours of fun)

    okay so here's a FUN game that's been trending for a while now. it's called BUNNY or Neil Codling. the rules are very simple. for each image below you simply have to state whether it's a BUNNY or NEIL CODLING. it can be tricky! the person who answers all questions correctly gets a free coat...
  12. rifke

    Morrissey set on upcoming blazer shopping trip

    It has been brought to our attention by an anonymous source that Morrissey is set to go blazer shopping in the coming days. Morrissey, also known as "blazerman", is iconic for his donning of the collegiate staple, oftentimes appearing at concerts, or in airports on his way to concerts, or on...
  13. rifke

    a poem for my goddess

    'Sometimes My Goddess' dedicated to thepoliticalrevolution Sometimes my goddess needs a break-- 'to the country ill go' she says (and doesn't invite me). you'll find her there in dappled grass sunning her naked self while the bees nibble at her mons, as succulent and taut as a melon ripe to...
  14. rifke

    My interview (with stone philips)all is revealed
  15. rifke

    the "viva hate is leaving" appreciation thread

    hurray!!!! that's what I say! hurray!!!!
  16. rifke

    la poesie

    post your favourite poems! or do what you like, I don't care, but im going to post mine! The Geranium When I put her out, once, by the garbage pail, She looked so limp and bedraggled, So foolish and trusting, like a sick poodle, Or a wizened aster in late September, I brought her back in again...
  17. rifke

    very important poll

    i cant rest until i know a) b)
  18. rifke

    hi moz!

    hi sweetstuff, what's goin' on? rifke here! maybe you know me? I'm the girl with the nice handwriting. I have nice handwriting right? please say I do. people always say I do. it's my one talent. it's not as good as rimbauds of course but I really feel like it could be if I wanted it to be...
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