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  1. littlebird

    I don't think Kill Uncle is THAT bad

    Re: I don't think Kill Uncle is THAT bad. I adore it! It's wonderfully peculiar. It's Morrissey at his lightest, a great slice of his bright side. Even though it still swings from Carry-On-Morrissey to We're-All-Going-To-Die-Morrissey, it's still on the whole... upbeat. After I listen to it...
  2. littlebird

    I don't think Kill Uncle is THAT bad

    Ha! Morrissey, the boy wizard. Most excellent.
  3. littlebird

    Your latest buy

    (THE BEST SERIES!) (Trying to be modern.) (7" because they are exquisitely marvellous.)
  4. littlebird

    Times online: making sure the Smiths will have their day

    Lovely, flattering article. Unfortunately the campaign is futile because of the Haiti single. Even if everyone made a herculean effort and bought it six times each, charity + Cowell can't fail.
  5. littlebird

    My Life With Morrissey movie

    Oh Christ! Such painful viewing. I watched it even after being warned repeatedly that it was a pile of toss, a small part of me thought there would be some glimmer of comedy or entertianment somewhere, in a so-bad-it's-good way. But if anything it was much, MUCH worse then everyone said. I...
  6. littlebird

    Revised: the second most romantic song by Morrissey

    I love... Swallow On My Neck. "I don't know why I held out so long for me and you He drew a swallow on my neck and more I cannot say He drew a swallow deep and blue and soon everyone knew" And that vocal... I am swept away...
  7. littlebird

    Striking similarity

    My, I really should pay more attention.... :lbf:
  8. littlebird

    Striking similarity

    Oh no! How tedious of me.
  9. littlebird

    Striking similarity

    Has anyone else noticed the striking similarity between the poster included with Your Arsenal and the cover of Years Of Refusal? I couldn't find a picture to help explain my point, but it's a quiffed retro looking chap holding a little girl on the beach. It's SO similar! There's no info...
  10. littlebird

    The campaign vs the music

    I can see what your saying, but what comes to mind is the Kings Of Leon recently releasing a clothing line. Not just merch, but a proper fashion range. I mean that to me is completely disgusting. It's not like they need the money after the mind-blowing success they've had. When I see things like...
  11. littlebird


    No way! That's so depressing! Morrissey was right, it's ALL about 'the campaign'.
  12. littlebird

    Wild Beasts

    Unstable stands aflush with fans pilfered pies and pints in wobbly hands… in the bowls of the bar two boys spar don’t flinch an inch and territories marked Oh I’d swear by my own cock and balls and the family home’s four walls There’ll be no treason this season. The players they bask...
  13. littlebird

    Lady GaGa

    I like *her*, but her music is unlistenable. She's quite entertaining, I like the scale of her crackers-styling, but her songs are everything I hate about modern music. Shame really. (Although, I'm not sure that I do like her. It's probably just because once, when asked who's style she...
  14. littlebird

    Wild Beasts

    How do we feel about Wild Beasts? They have been compared to The Smiths, and I can see why even though they're as different as they are similar. I think Morrissey would approve of the song "Woebegone Wanderers" from their first album which is a very strange song indeed about footballing. I...
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