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  1. Theo

    Maybe I don't get it. Why is Morrissey releasing a decade's old song as a single?

    I just don't get it at all. The song is from the mid-80's. Why is it being released as a single today? I don't understand. It appears to be nothing but a money grab. And you notice that Morrissey does this without even caring about his fans. He attacked the record stores that tried to ensure...
  2. Theo

    The state of SoLow

    I hadn't been to SoLow in years. I post a little question in a thread last week asking what is the proof that Nigel Farage is a racist. UncleSkinny replied. Oh. lucky for me that one of the commies replied. LOL I have no idea if this guy is a moderator anymore. He used to be, that's all I...
  3. Theo

    Morrissey has a right to his opinion

    I love all these people who freak out when Morrissey has an opinion. I've attacked Morrissey's opinions many a time, but I never was gonna act like he should be shunned from society or have his music blackballed because of it. Leftists are into that. They can't handle someone who's not in...
  4. Theo

    Morrissey needn't fear Islamic Fascists. He's never done anything to offend them

    I remember when this forum told me garbage like: "February 17, 2006, 10:10 AM Theo Van Gogh got what he asked for." The evil barbarism that happened in Paris to Charlie Hebdo is exactly the same as what happened to Theo van...
  5. Theo

    Obama's war against the First Amendment and Free Press

    I'm just posting this as a marker to note it hasn't gone unnoticed that the forum that had a love-in for Obama turned out to be unprincipled and is silently accepting this government's giant leaps towards fascism that we're learning more about in each and every news cycle.
  6. Theo

    Morrissey: 99.8% of people on the Falkland Islands disagree with you.

    99.8% of Falkland Islanders back the status quo. So why does Morrissey go on about it? So, Morrissey, why not leave the Falkland Islanders alone and go post some more support for animal rights nutjobs who...
  7. Theo

    Good job by the Obama administration -- Ignoring multiple warnings from Russia

    We've now learned that Russia warned both the FBI and the CIA multiple times about the older brother Boston bomber. Somehow, while these warnings were coming in, no one bothered to ask why he went to Russia for 6 months without his wife. They give me a more thorough look over when I come back to...
  8. Theo

    Morrissey continues to support the animal murdering Cat And Fiddle

    I've noted in the past how bizarre it is that Morrissey became a fixture at The Cat & Fiddle in Los Angeles while at the same time telling the media he could not stand to be anywhere near the aromas of cooking flesh, and taking an increasingly nutty and intolerant stance towards carnivores. The...
  9. Theo

    Are cats evil? What should be done about them?

    From The New York Times: That Cuddly Kitty Is Deadlier Than You Think See also, from Slate: Cats Are Evil -- Why New Zealand is right to consider banning them in order to save its wildlife What say you, cat owners?
  10. Theo

    Obama -- what part of the constitution does he actually support?

    Just checking in the forum to see if the folks who wanted Bush impeached for water-boarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed are concerned that Obama took an oath to uphold a Constitution that he apparently supports no part of. Examples: Imprisoned the filmmaker behind "Innocence of Muslims" instead of...
  11. Theo

    Ohio woman charged with soliciting for murder of fur wearer

    Another animal rights nutcase: Woman tries to hire hit man to kill fur-wearer: FBI
  12. Theo

    Leftist hypocrisy with regards to Obama

    It would seem a lot of Obama voters owe George W. Bush a huge apology:
  13. Theo

    Administrator of is accused of stealing from Morrissey fans

    Over at AllYouNeedIsMorrissey, the most current thread begins with this troubling post: Quiffaa has so far been unavailable for comment. Two of the other commenters over there are calling for the post above to be censored. I'd find it incriminating if the allegations were deleted...
  14. Theo

    I'm glad Morrissey endorsed this Obama president

    He's doing such a wonderful job! :thumb: HOPE AND CHANGE AND PEACE AND PROSPERITY EVERYWHERE YA LOOK!!!!! :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
  15. Theo

    The principles of Morrissey (or, what a f***ing sell out)

    So let me get this straight. Just a couple years back Morrissey was posting scuzzy, deranged rants on the True-To-You web site praising Animal Rights Militia actions. Animal Rights Militia actions are, by definition, actions that take no precautions for the safety of others. This includes, for...
  16. Theo

    Barack Hussein Obama, the worst president in American history, needs to go

    Enough is enough! I pray that this thread ends with Obama ousted on or before the next election. The future of America depends on it.
  17. Theo

    Boz Boorer's god-awful English rap side project, Happy Martyr LOL!

    Oh, it's bad: These painkillers just don't work...they just seem to make things worse..... He's not exactly flowing in that, er..rap? It gets worse: It's still bloody raining.... OH GOD, SHUT UP, MAN And worst of all, the middle-aged English rapper covers the Beastie Boys: Mommy's...
  18. Theo

    Did Morrissey's anti-Chinese racism have anything to do with Tseng getting booted?

    Morrissey reignites racism row by calling Chinese a 'subspecies' "You can't help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies." -- Morrissey, 2010
  19. Theo

    Does Morrissey still endorse Obama? He is strangely silent nowadays!

    Morrissey gave Obama an unusual endorsement. Usually Morrissey says he despises all politicians, but in the case of Obama, he wore t-shirts showing his full-hearted support. Check it out: A lot of us observing American politics are concluding that Obama is the worst president America...
  20. Theo

    Mike Joyce clarifies Morrissey remarks

    Not sure if this was already posted, but ClashMusic has this today: Mike Joyce Clarifies Morrissey Remarks: "Personal opinion I suppose!" by Robin Murray Fri, 01/07/2011 ClashMusic will be posting a full Mike Joyce interview soon. This is all regarding: Mike Joyce tweets on...
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