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  1. troubleluvsme

    Celebrity Death Pool 2015

    TheBasic Rules: 1. You pick 10 celebrities whom you predict will die within the calendar year 2015. If one of your picks dies, you will score 100 points minus their age at death. The one with the most points at the end of the year wins the pool. 2. All picks must be made prior to January 1...
  2. troubleluvsme

    Anonymous Users

    David, Could you reconsider the ability to post anonymously? I don't think the problem is as much about trolling- as it is about it being so damn boring coming here to read anonymous post after anonymous post after anonymous post. There's no emotional investment, no sense of community...
  3. troubleluvsme


    What would you do for spite?
  4. troubleluvsme

    Halloween costumes

    Any great costume ideas this year?
  5. troubleluvsme

    List your 15 most memorable songs

    Maybe they're horrible- but which 15 songs are ones that you will never forget?
  6. troubleluvsme

    List your 15 Most Memorable Movies

    Maybe they're not your favorites. Maybe they're not critically acclaimed. But, what are the 15 most memorable movies you've seen?
  7. troubleluvsme


    Watching the Joan Rivers thread unfold, made me start thinking about stereotypes. To what extent do you judge both individuals and cultures based upon any pre-conceived stereotypes you might have? Not necessarily by race or religion, but perhaps also by how a person dresses, what type of...
  8. troubleluvsme

    Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    Which ones will he make? Which ones will he cancel? Portugal Oct. 6 Lisbon Spain Oct. 9 Madrid Oct. 10 Barcelona Italy Oct. 13 Rome Oct. 14 Rome Oct. 16 Milan Oct. 17 Bologna Oct. 19 Pescara Oct. 21 Florence Oct. 22 Padova Austria...
  9. troubleluvsme


    To ensure every child 'wins', Ontario athletic association removes ball from soccer "Injuries are down and self esteem is way up!" With the growing concern over the effects of competition in youth sports programs this summer, many Canadian soccer associations eliminated the concept of...
  10. troubleluvsme

    Politician Frink Thread

    Why not? At least some of them are nice to look at.
  11. troubleluvsme

    Describe your WORST date...

    Does anyone have some entertaining bad date stories to share? I was reading through some old threads and found this little gem, started by blue jag.
  12. troubleluvsme

    Songs you can't get out of your head - Part II

    These are the songs that are silently playing over and over and over..... Iona Mink started the original (now archived) thread and posted this.... Earworms The term earworm originally comes from a translation of the German word 'Ohrwurm'. It refers to the experience of having a tune or a...
  13. troubleluvsme

    What are you doing for FUN?

    Share your plans for FUN right here...
  14. troubleluvsme

    Favorite Things

    What are a few of your favorite things?
  15. troubleluvsme

    Favorite Words

    What are some of your favorite words? One of mine is "f***ery." I first heard it here....
  16. troubleluvsme

    What happened to Flight 370?

    So many speculations....
  17. troubleluvsme

    Scandals - post your indiscretions here...

    Post your own scandals/indiscretions here before somebody else does..
  18. troubleluvsme

    Current Member Appreciation Thread

    This thread is dedicated to the members still here. Show your appreciation.... I'll start. Cheers to The Bicycle Tragedy. We live in the same state and both enjoy good beer.
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