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  1. Amy

    Johnny Marr - Leeds gig, 20th Sept

    Very enjoyable Johnny gig at Stylus last night, I wondered if any other Soloers attended? Good mix of material with some big crowd-pleasers - Panic, This Charming Man, Headmaster Ritual, Bigmouth, HSIN? and some of his better-known solo material. Venue was bloody hot, Johnny was dripping with...
  2. Amy

    In the land of Boz

    Slow news day and I found myself thinking about the songwriting dynamics of the solo band - particularly how much Boz Boorer seems to have slid sharply down the hierarchy in 20-odd years. I like Boz and I know he’s the solo stalwart, the reliable pair of hands etc - but look at his album...
  3. Amy

    Johnny on Twitter: "Zero F*** Given"

    Don't know what's really 'behind' this photo or the little card. I don't want to think it's snarking at Moz (rather than Ian Brown and the general anti-mask crowd), and he hasn't said anything, but seems like a lot of folk on Twitter interpreted it that way. Grim.
  4. Amy

    Johnny wins "Pioneer" award

    He's having a good year!
  5. Amy

    New Johnny single - "The Bright Parade"

    Johnny has released a new single, "The Bright Parade". To my ears, it's pretty weak. Certainly not as strong as singles like Armatopia and The Tracers... distorted vocals, can't really make out the lyrics, music is no great shakes. Anyway, judge away!
  6. Amy

    Johnny and tattoos

    So Johnny posted this on Facebook for Aldous Huxley's birthday - and I can't take my eyes off the tattoos, he must have loads now? He seemed to start with these when he was about 45 and keep adding to them. I remember him saying that Moz really liked them but I'm more towards the "midlife...
  7. Amy

    Rare and unseen photos thread

    I can't be bothered with the trolling all over the forum so I thought it might be nice to create a thread for rare/unseen photos of Moz and the Smiths. I remember finding all sorts of great photos in the galleries on The Arcane Old Wardrobe / Smiths Presumably Forever Ill sites way back when...
  8. Amy

    Johnny and Bernard Sumner reunite on stage

    ... to play "Get the Message." That's Matt and Barney he's brought on stage this tour...Isaac up next and then... :lbf: PS. Moz often gets stick for ageing badly. He's a f***ing silver-tongued Adonis compared to this tuneless lump!
  9. Amy

    Who Put the M?

    So, I've always loved "Who Put the M in the Manchester" - great performance, can't watch it without wishing I was there. I'm sure I read, years back, that Andy and Mike were in the audience - does anyone remember hearing anything along those lines?
  10. Amy

    Johnny takes the "Morrissey Quiz", BBC Radio 5 (from June 2018)

    This escaped my attention - a short clip from June, Johnny has to guess 'which Morrissey said it...' Sorry, can't seem to embed...
  11. Amy


    Why are the "mods" here letting this Vegan Cro imbecile troll incessantly all over the forum, ruining every thread he posts in, using multiple Anons, and doing nothing about it?
  12. Amy

    Thread appearance?

    It's probably a stupid question, but is there any way to alter which fonts display on a page? Times New Roman is what I'm currently seeing for threads and replies, and I'd prefer to change it.
  13. Amy

    Excellent Johnny Marr interview (BBC World 06/11/2016)

    I'm probably very late with this, but I've just come across an interview Johnny did around the time that his autobiography was published. Very straight-talking and honest interview I thought.
  14. Uncleskinny

    Mary McCartney's new book "Monochrome Colour" features Moz photo(s)

    Mary, daughter of Paul and Linda, was on morning TV just now, talking about her new book "Monochrome Colour". As an example they showed a photo of Morrissey, backstage at Earl's Court, checking himself in a hand mirror before going on stage. There may be more Moz pics in the book, I'm not sure...
  15. Amy

    Kristeen's in hot water with the God lobby

    So Kristeen has earned the wrath of the Godly(!) after the recent Craig Ferguson appearance. Anything for publicity, right?
  16. Uncleskinny

    TTY - Manchester Evening News

    Manchester Evening News - 6 January 2014 The Manchester Evening News have stated on 17 October 2013 that Morrissey 'claims he was "touched inappropriately by a teacher at school"'. Morrissey has never made such a claim. Furthermore, Morrissey does not use the word...

    Does Morrissey have a secret ‘serious illness’? -

    Speculation on Morrissey's health - By Luke Glassford Excerpt: "One of the many blogs I follow and read on a daily basis is Crazy Days And Nights, which is a Hollywood gossip site run by an anonymous entertainment lawyer. It’s slightly trashy, but it satisfies my quick need...
  18. Amy

    Johnny Marr on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight

    Not seen this published here yet, but Johnny's performing tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon according to the Twitterati. Anyone have more info?
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