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  1. kyleleonard

    Johnny Marr - Night & Day, Manchester 25/02/2013

    Just got back from a Marr gig in Manchester, played at Night & Day (facing Piccadilly Records). He played Bigmouth and HSIN? and also did a cover of The Clash's version of 'I Faught The Law'.
  2. kyleleonard

    New Song | Art-Hounds

    Anyone got a video of it? Better than the other 3, etc, etc? Cheers!
  3. kyleleonard

    Morrissey on the cover of Urban Life | April 2011

    Saw this before in town, but didn't get a copy because it was in some random bar/restaurant.. so anyone in Manchester this week, pick up a copy if you see it! Or read it online
  4. kyleleonard

    Revelation LP

    Does anyone know why HMV are selling this? :confused: I thought it was fan made? Link
  5. kyleleonard

    Help finding a video

    Does anyone remember the fanmade 'How Soon Is Now?' video posted on here about a year ago/maybe less? It contained most of the cover stars in it, and looked amazing! thanks!
  6. kyleleonard

    Article: Unseen Morrissey print by Pat Pope auctioned for Cancer Research

    You can view the page at
  7. kyleleonard

    Unseen Morrissey print by Pat Pope auctioned for Cancer Research

    Cancer Research UK are selling this on ebay, if anyone's interested; UNSEEN MORRISSEY PRINT BY PAT POPE FOR SOUND & VISION - eBay listing Exclusive auction in aid of Cancer Research UK MORRISSEY PRINT BY PAT POPE, DONATED EXCLUSIVELY TO SOUND & VISION 100% of final lot price will help...
  8. kyleleonard

    Unseen Morrissey print by Pat Pope

    Cancer Research UK are selling this on ebay, if anyone's interested;
  9. kyleleonard

    The Graduate

    On ITV1 now, one of my all time favourite movies!! if you've not seen it, you should watch it :thumb:
  10. kyleleonard

    What Morrissey/The Smiths gifts did you get?

    I got a ''Hatful Of Hollow'' hoodie, and a mug/cup my mum said she got from the legends shop in the Trafford Centre with the Smiths on! I thought i was getting The Pageant Of His Bleeding Heart, but it was Russell Brand's new book
  11. kyleleonard

    England - USA

    time we teach your sawker nation a thing or two ;)
  12. kyleleonard

    Cheap Christmas Gift

    £5 t-shirt Morrissey's favourite, and i know some of you like them, too ;) the shirt looks like it's good quality, and it's free postage (to England) :thumb:
  13. kyleleonard

    Jeff Buckley

    I'm compiling a similar collection to the 'Never Heard Symphonies', but with alot of Jeff's rare stuff, so i'll no doubt post the links to download them. Although i was wondering if someone would like to help me by making me some artwork to go side-by-side, and help it be more appealing :)...
  14. kyleleonard

    Best Program to make videos with?

    My Windows Movie Maker closes whenever i input media into it.. done it for awhile, now.. so was wondering, what programs do you lot use? i was thinking of something that's free.. cos i only use them to add songs and a pic so i can put stuff on my youtube channel.... thanks alot
  15. kyleleonard

    Hoodies of The Smiths

    Does anyone have one? and know a website where you can buy them from? thanks :thumb:
  16. kyleleonard

    HMVpure: Signed Johnny Marr Guitar if anyone has a few spare points they want to get rid of.. ;) i'm still waiting for something signed by Morrissey, though
  17. kyleleonard

    The Marina & The Diamonds Thread

    I'm in love. If anyone reading this looks like her, message me :o. down to earth, sexy and very talented ;) i know a few of you on here enjoy her music, so..
  18. kyleleonard

    Decor Advice

    Well, in my room i have about 30 posters covering my walls, i want to reduce the amount, probably just my Smiths/Morrissey ones will stay, spread them about abit more, so it doesn't look cluttered. Does anyone know any nice colours which are in big tubs of paint? hopefully from B&Q, cos i'll...
  19. kyleleonard

    WTF? HMV's gone mad

    WTF??? 'The Irish Weavers: Spadgie Carroll (vocals, tin whistle, Irish flute, mandolin, bodhran, spoons); Liam Harris (vocals, piano accordion, tin whistle, flute, Uilleann pipes); Dan Kennedy (vocals, guitar, button accordion, whistles). Additional personnel: The Phantom Fiddler (fiddle)...
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