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  1. Jose

    November 9th - Nijmegen (Netherlands) It says tickets went on sale this morning at 9.42 (what an odd time?) but you can't book tickets yet... Here's a tiny picture of the venue. This seems a really strange place for...
  2. Jose

    Muse announce European tour Oct/Dec '09

    22.10 Hartwell Arena, Helsinki, Finland 24.10 Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden 25.10 Spektrum Arena, Oslo, Norway 26.10 Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark 28.10 COLOR LINE ARENA, HAMBURG, GERMANY 29.10 O2 WORLD, BERLIN, GERMANY 31.10 STADE COUVERT REGIONAL, LIEVIN, FRANCE 01.11 LE GALAXIE, AMNÉVILLE...
  3. Jose

    Echo & the Bunnymen to give free concert in The Hague

    Echo & the Bunnymen will give a free concert in the beautiful city of The Hague on June 26th. It's an outdoor gig in the historic city centre. They will be accompanied by a Dutch orchestra. The concert will take place on the Grote Markt (market place) about 1 mile from The Hague Central...
  4. Jose

    Attack on Dutch Royal family!

    Today is Queen's Day - a celebration of our queen's birthday. The Royal Family always visits a city here in the Netherlands, and rides through the town in an open bus. Everything is shown on live tv. But about 1 hour ago, there was an already severely damaged car that drove through the crowd...
  5. Jose

    Parents beware of homosexual music!

    Complete list of "bad" bands for your children to listen to can be found here: And of course... The Smiths can be found on there as well. Morrissey is mentioned as (?questionable?). :crazy: :squiffy:
  6. Jose

    WANTED: 1 ticket for Antwerp

    Got the ticket. :)
  7. Jose

    Moz on XFM Ian Camfield show 13th Feb

    Was just listening to XFM Manchester (at work, so not very loud) and Ian Camfield was talking about Morrissey coming on his show "next week". So I guess it will be a week from today. He was talking about "I'm OK by myself" being one of the best things Moz has done in ages but he couldn't play...
  8. Jose

    New controversial Dutch commercial

    Since last week this commercial has been shown on Dutch tv. It has caused quite a bit of commotion, and a lot of people have complained about it. It's about a vaginal hygiene product. Personally it reminds me of that Prodigy video, Smack My Bitch Up.
  9. Jose

    5 brand new songs by Prince!

    O yes. One of them is a cover of Crimson and Clover with a little Wild Thing mixed in. I particularly like Colonized Mind. Click on the `play`button under each of the songs:
  10. Jose

    2 stalls tickets Royal Albert Hall for sale

    I initially sold these, but now they're back on the market. :) I have two spare tickets for the Royal Albert Hall in Stalls Block J. Will sell them for what I paid for them (£ 47.40 per ticket incl. transaction/booking fee), as a pair or individually. Please PM me if you're interested.
  11. Jose

    Tour not sold out yet: credit crunch, lack of publicity or...?

    Looking at Seetickets they have tickets available for most gigs. I remember the 30+ tour dates in 2006 selling out in less than 20 minutes or so. So what's going on? People buying less tickets because of the credit crunch? Has there been a lack of publicity? The tour is not featured on the...
  12. Jose

    ADDED DATE: May 8th Glasgow!!

    Just popped up at Seetickets!
  13. Jose

    Former police chief in Argentina kills himself on tv

    Source: Argentine man kills himself on TV By Daniel Schweimler BBC News, Buenos Aires Mr Ferreyra was live on Cronica TV when he killed himself A former police chief in Argentina, wanted for alleged crimes against human...
  14. Jose

    Tout Top 5

    Oasis are top of a bizarre new chart to find out which artist is selling the most unofficial concert tickets in the UK. are company behind the new chart which officially starts next week. They gather ticket information based on quantity and vastly over-inflated ticket prices on...
  15. Jose

    Oasis at the Roundhouse (BBC Electric Proms)

    The BBC Electric Proms today announced Britain's greatest rock n roll band Oasis as the final headliner to complete this year's festival bill. They will be accompanied by the Crouch End Festival Chorus. The world-renowned band will draw the event to a close when they take to the stage at the...
  16. Jose

    Ask a question to the person below.

    I've seen this game on several other forums, not sure if it's been done here already... Anyhoo, I will ask the first question, the person that answers it will ask a new question to the next person etc etc. What are your plans for this weekend?
  17. Jose

    Does life begin at 40?

    Does it? I'll be 40 next month so I'm curious as to what might "happen". Some people around me say: "Life begins at 40" and others look troubled and start talking about getting wrinkles, grey hair, sagging bodyparts etc when I mention my birthday. :eek: So to all you 40+-ers, did life begin...
  18. Jose

    Internet help

    It doesn't always work out for the best, when you ask for help on the internet! :p
  19. Jose

    Russell Brand to host MTV VMA's

    Don't know if this has already been posted... Anyway: Russell Brand to host the MTV Video Music Awards NEW YORK - MTV is staking its brand on a lesser-known one: Russell Brand. The British actor and...
  20. Jose

    New sleeping bag system!

    The Lippi Selk'Bag is a revolutionary new sleeping bag system which allows you the maximum mobility you need whilst keeping warm. This new concept retains the functionality of the traditional sleeping bag; it's FUN, COMFORTABLE and MOBILE! Move your legs and arms apart freely Roll with...
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