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  1. everydayslikesunday

    Why not release a Smiths - B-sides album

    Currently listening to Suede - Sci-Fi Lullabies which for does who don't know is a compilation of Suede's b-sides from their first three albums. Some people argue it is Suede's greatest album, Personally I wouldn't go that far, but it is brilliant. This got me thinking, why don't Rhino records...
  2. everydayslikesunday

    Request: The Cure @ The Sydney Opera House

    Hi Is there a kind soul who could upload an audio recording of The Cure at the Sydney Opera house 2019 Yes I could rip the YouTube recording but it has about 15 minutes of the crowd at the beginning and I don't have the skill to crop it. Many thanks in advance.
  3. everydayslikesunday

    How do you transfer files over the web?

    Hi I imagine this is a lot easier than I realise. I need to upload a few live bootleg albums onto the web so that my mate can download them his end. Which webpage is the easiest to use and one that doesn't cost me anything? Are these webpages secure? Many thanks
  4. everydayslikesunday

    The Damned

    Just fallen in love again with The Damned. I discovered them many, many years ago when they played 'There Ain't No Santa Claus' on the British sitcom(?) The young Ones. At The time I needed a band who sang with anger but clever lyrics backed by fast paced guitar and drums and The damned fitted...
  5. everydayslikesunday

    Smiths mention in "Blinded By The Light"

    (originally posted in the Strange/unexpected Moz references? thread) Saw the UK film, 'Blinded By The Light' and the main character tells his girlfriend he is going to Manchester Uni. 'Why because of The Smiths' she asks. 'No because it is 4 hours from Luton' I imagine that joke only works if...
  6. everydayslikesunday

    Tears for Fears @ Blenheim Palace

    I saw Tears of Fears at Blenheim Palace on Saturday evening. They were really good. Talented musicians who know how to put on a performance. Being an outdoor event we were lucky it was a lovely summers evening. They were supported by Scritti Politti (could not be bothered to watch) and the...
  7. everydayslikesunday

    Bush/Smiths connection

    Hi I saw this whilst having lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Singapore hanging from a wall (see attached), It's from a band called Bush. I had never heard of Bush before but according to Wiki, they were popular is the States in the 90's. Is there a connection? Or is one of them simply a...
  8. everydayslikesunday

    Wtd: Low in high school badges & ROTT tour medal

    Hi Mporium lost my order of the set of Low in High School badges and by the time they accepted the parcel had been lost in postage, they had sold out. Although at least I got my money back. Therefore does anyone have any if the set they are wiling to sell? Also, I am looking for the medal...
  9. everydayslikesunday

    The album that sums up the 80's decade

    Right, not the best album from the 80's necessarily but an album that best represents the decade. Personally I would pick either ABC - Lexicon of Love or Duran Duran - Rio Any thoughts?
  10. everydayslikesunday

    California Son - ltd blue vinyl

    Just stumbled across this from I webpage I don't know anything about. I assume it is genuine, although surprised it is not mentioned on Mporium?
  11. everydayslikesunday

    Cheap Vauxhall & I vinyl on Amazon

    Just seen this on Amazon UK £10.99 seems a very reasonable price for vinyl especially if you are an Amazon Prime customer, then you get free...
  12. everydayslikesunday

    Suede - Studio Albums 1993 to 2016

    Was just sent a link to this webpage: At £104 for a 10 disc boxset, I couldn't say no even if it would have been nice to have Sci-Fi Lullabies included. Whilst the webpage claims the boxset is...
  13. everydayslikesunday

    German Queen is Dead LP bootleg?

    I was in Brussels last week and stumbled across a German Queen is Dead Lp on black vinyl for 25 euros. I was quite excited but was suspicious as it looked in prefect condition. It was in a gatefold sleeve and had a picture inner sleeve and from my recollection looked like the standard RTD36...
  14. everydayslikesunday

    Dexys Midnight Runners

    Whilst still on my journey of re-discovering bands I used to love when I was younger and have fallen off the radar: Dexys Midnight Runners, soul music with new wave running through it. Their line up may have changed numerous times over the years, mainly due to the lead singer, Kevin Rowland...
  15. everydayslikesunday

    Meat is Murder/Strangeways Here We come box set?

    Hi I apologise if this has been mentioned before but I couldn't find any info on this site. Does anyone know if this is genuine? My gut feeling they are official releases in non-official packaging...
  16. everydayslikesunday

    Danny Baker's Great Album Showdown

    Whilst this series was first shown in 2013 and I am sure it was mentioned on this webpage at the time, but somehow I missed it and assuming some of you might also have missed it first time around........... There is a mini series on BBC iplayer hosted by Danny Baker called 'Danny Baker's Great...
  17. everydayslikesunday

    Low in High School pre-order missing items

    Hello Has anyone else found items missing from their Low in High School pre-order from Mporium? All the musical items have arrived but I am missing a t-shirt and a badge. Does anyone know if the orders were sent out in more than one parcel? I don't want to accuse Mporium of missing up my order...
  18. everydayslikesunday

    The Boy With The Thorn 2017 RSD release

    After putting it off for months, I finally decided to buy a copy of The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn 2017 RSD release. Figuring all the fuss would have died down by now. However there is only one copy for sale on EBay in the UK for a frankly rediculous £50!! Even trawling through all the...
  19. everydayslikesunday

    Any Fish era Marillion fans?

    Hello I use to be a massive fan of Marillion when Fish was their lead singer. But lost interest when he left the band and hadn't been bothered to play any of it since. His departure left we with a lot of ill feeling for the band. However, I recently got chatting with another fan and it sparked...
  20. everydayslikesunday

    The Cranberries

    I tried to find fellow Cranberries fans on the Suede forum but no one was interested which surprised me so I thought I would try here? I was into The Cranberries in the mid nineties but lost interest when their third album came out. I re-discovered them a few weeks ago and am completely blown...
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