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  1. the_kaz

    Rare Morrissey (w/Tiger Army) poster print - Tulsa, 2006

    With a heavy heart, I'm selling my framed highly sought after Morrissey gig poster by Todd Slater:
  2. the_kaz

    GamesRadar+: X-Men #13 as a homage to Morrissey and the Smiths

    I'm not sure if this is supposed to be some sort of joke: "An annoying take that I have on this issue is that it's an extended reference to the Smiths song 'Shoplifters of the World Unite' and not just because of the small reference to...
  3. the_kaz

    "Use a bidet" - parody of Panic & Everyday Is Like Sunday - coronavirus Morrissey

    Syrian comedian does Panic/COVID-19 parody: Also from shoplifterromo: Everyday Is Like Sunday - Coronavirus Morrissey UPDATE April 8: Video posted on Morrissey Central:
  4. the_kaz

    Johnny Marr "ask me anything" to entertain fans during lockdown

    Johnny Marr once again proving what a nice guy he is:
  5. the_kaz

    Netflix's Daybreak Can't Escape Its Huge Morrissey Problem - CBR

    Another article about how progressive and open-minded people shouldn't listen to Morrissey anymore, this time from the pop culture website, Comic Book Resources: Netflix's Daybreak Can't Escape Its Huge Morrissey Problem - CBR by Renaldo Matadeen UPDATE 2:50 PM PT: "Sing Your Life" clip...
  6. the_kaz

    Tom Chaplin (of Keane) covers 'Please, Please, Please...' live (Manchester, 2017)

    This happened last year, but I only just found out about it. And there doesn't seem to be any mention of it here on Solo... Related item: Tom Chaplin of Keane covers "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?" - Feb. 28, 2015
  7. the_kaz

    'Autobiography' review in The Economist

    "...seems crippled by self-consciousness yet lacking self-awareness."
  8. the_kaz

    Channel 4 News "Autobiography" piece and discussion (17/10/13)

    For those who missed it, this is the piece on the "Autobiography" release from Channel 4 News earlier today (17/10/13): And here's the panel discussion...
  9. the_kaz

    The Syrian crisis - what should be done?

    In recent days, I’ve been finding that the mainstream news has been pushing the “humanitarian intervention” argument for military intervention in Syria very hard. The newspapers have gone from being cautious about pinning the blame of the chemical attacks on either the side of the government or...
  10. the_kaz

    Vinyl vs. CD vs. MP3 - which do you use the most?

    I recently bought a record player which converts vinyl to MP3, as I have a handful of rare records which have never been released on CD or MP3 (officially). This is the first time I’ve ever actually owned a record player, and I must say that I have fallen in love with the feeling of holding a...
  11. the_kaz

    If you got the chance to interview Morrissey, what would you ask him?

    I'm fed up seeing interviewers squander their precious chance to interview Morrissey by asking him the same old questions and, generally, not daring to ask anything controversial! I can’t really think of much I’m desperate to ask him (within the context of a reasonable and proper interview), but...
  12. the_kaz

    What’s the point of ‘The World Won’t Listen’?

    I completely understand what the original point of this compilation was, but what I’ve wondered for a long time is why it’s still in print, and why it was included with the rest of the re-masters in ‘Complete’. It seems pretty redundant when you also have the far superior ‘Louder than Bombs’...
  13. the_kaz

    New album or autobiography - which one are you looking forward to more?

    Although I can't wait for both, I'm far more excited about the autobiography. Morrissey has such a unique and witty way with words, that I have no doubt that the autobiog will be a thoroughly enjoyable read, which will likely go down as a classic among rock star biographies. I don't really have...
  14. the_kaz

    Article: "Unite And Take Over" - a comic book anthology of stories inspired by the so

    The Smiths Graphic Novel – Starting Something He Can Finish - Bleeding Cool 'Unite And Take Over is a comic book anthology of stories inspired by the songs of The Smiths. Its premise is “What is the story that plays in your head when you listen to your favorite Smiths song?”.' The...
  15. the_kaz

    The Smiths graphic novel anthology to be released

    'Unite And Take Over is a comic book anthology of stories inspired by the songs of The Smiths. Its premise is “What is the story that plays in your head when you listen to your favorite Smiths song?”.'...
  16. the_kaz

    Reviews of ‘The Best of Morrissey’

    I just stumbled across the BBC Music review of ‘The Very Best of Morrissey’, which I haven’t seen posted on here yet (sorry if it has been and I missed it). Although it’s a somewhat negative review (though not entirely so), it seems that either EMI or Amazon (I’m not sure which, because I don’t...
  17. the_kaz

    I’m going to teach English in the Far East – any advice/experience to share?

    Greetings, all! After finally graduating with a degree in English Language and Linguistics, and then recently following it up with an intensive TESOL course, I am now looking for jobs teaching English in the Far East. This is something I’ve wanted to do for many years, and one of the major...
  18. the_kaz

    'Meat Is Murder' recreated in Lego

    From NME's 26 album sleeves recreated in Lego: The Smiths, 'Meat Is Murder'. No Lego men were harmed in the making of this photo gallery. Photo: Christoph thetexasbloke sends the link to the previously mentioned Lego 'You Are The Quarry' in the same feature: Morrissey, 'You Are The...
  19. the_kaz

    The “real” way of listening to 'The Smiths' and 'Meat is Murder'

    I'm slightly obsessive about listening to albums the way God intended them to be listened to; that is, without bonus tracks and with the correct running order. Yesterday, however, a thought popped into my head that I'd never considered before, one that has left me feeling scared and confused...
  20. the_kaz

    Oh, go away, Royal Family. Please die.

    Today has proven that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the world (or the U.K., or maybe just the U.K. media) really is full of crashing bores. :(
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