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  1. Quiffaa

    Wish for a new one of Uncleskinnys Laptop song

    -s * in thread fairy mode* multiple and hidden votes possible :-)
  2. Quiffaa

    Quiffaa does a Mozzer - public service announcement -

    public service announcement me doing a Mozzer "I would like to stress that I have no association with the sites called Twitter, FaceBook, or myspace - so therefore anything written on these sites is not in my name or by my hand. " kind thanx Quiffaa Someone over at Facebook seems...
  3. Quiffaa

    The Cribs cancel Frankfurt/M - no rescheduling

    Source: Gig was due to happen on 17th of November.
  4. Quiffaa

    London RAH Roll Call

    So, who's going? Are there any pre- and/or after-gig booze-ups planned? Just one week and he'll come :guitar: and sing! Will anyone else be in town beforehand (25&26) and interested in a pre-pre-meet?
  5. Quiffaa

    Songs to sing while depressed

    Currently bitten by the dark dog of depression I try to fight off recurring dark thoughts with several strategies, amongst those singing/humming - i know it's gonna happen someday (Please wait ... Don't lose faith) Any other tips to sing /hum? Preferably Morrissey Songs but might stretch...
  6. Quiffaa

    Quakers agree to same-sex marriages

    "The Quakers today agreed to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples and said they would ask the government to change the law to allow Quaker registering officers to register same-sex partnerships in the same way as marriages."...
  7. Quiffaa

    New York Dolls Tour

    Date City 07/19 London, Lovebox Festival at Victoria Park 07/20 Glasgow, Garage 07/22 Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp 07/23 Berlin, Germany - Sage Club 07/24 Oslo, Norway 07/26 Stockholm, Sweden 07/28 Turku, Finland 07/29 Helsinki, Finland 07/30 Tampere, Finland 08/01...
  8. Quiffaa

    New York Dolls gig in Frankfurt 22.07.09

    New York Dolls gig Mon Glasgow, Wed Frankfurt, Thu Berlin Support: Torpedohead in the 'Batschkapp' 22 € Einlass/ 20:00, Beginn: 21h doors: 8pm , start: 9 pm NEW YORK DOLLS ‘Cause I Sez So VÖ: 01.05.2009...
  9. Quiffaa

    L've and Moz - a state of unluck, but why? :confused:

    One of the things I don't get about him is: assuming he sings/tells the truth about him and the people he fancies are still alive are they (see poll above for options) and if they are (deaf, blind, dull, have no sense of humour /wit, are even more shy than I am so, then why...
  10. Quiffaa

    Request: long live indie 103 shows

    Hi, did anyone record any of the long live indie 103 - breakfast with the smiths shows and would be so kind to upload them so it would be possibe to listen to them again? kthx!
  11. Quiffaa

    Coffee 'may reverse Alzheimer's'

    caffeine prevents dementia, at least in female mice maybe in women too hopefully, those nice effects jump genderbarriers and work in men (and mice) too Coffee 'may reverse Alzheimer's' 5 cups or 2 espressi...
  12. Quiffaa

    Pina Bausch died

    today, five days after cancer was diagnosed. I'm rather shocked. Almost being as much of a fan of hers e' than of Morrissey i never got round to visit one of her dance shows. One day will be farewell quotes »Mich interessiert nicht, wie Menschen sich bewegen, sondern was...
  13. Quiffaa

    Does being overweight make you a bigger fan?

    *goes off to the cookie jar* *dances to 'You're the one for me, fatty'*
  14. Quiffaa

    TMS Hearts Moz: Morrissey Cover-Album

    from here 'As Mozzer’s 50th birthday approaches (May 22nd), I wanted to celebrate in some sort of special manner. After much deliberation, I decided that a covers project would be the perfect way for The Music Slut to mark the occasion. Over the...
  15. Quiffaa

    Tour backdrop 'Pointing man' - Who is it?

    Any ideas? Did Moz refer to it ? Fed up with cigarred sailor and later the silver curtain? My presumption so far is (a private pic of) Klaus Nomi sans make-up. What do you think?
  16. Quiffaa

    Johnny Marr receives Mojo classic song writer award

    BBC interview Talking Shop: Johnny Marr The Smiths, Electronic, Bryan Ferry, The The, Crowded House and Kirsty MacColl, Just some of the many acts Johnny Marr has written songs with over the years. The former Smiths guitarist is currently a full-time member of Leeds band The Cribs...
  17. Quiffaa

    Silliest Moz related article on fleabay

    a piece of textile fluff the seller claims to have ripped off a shirt in '86. Sounds more like a rip off of gullible fans or the reliquiary inclined. I have asked them if a piece of the praeputium* christi might be included in the deal. 'An actual piece of Morrissey's shirt which I...
  18. Quiffaa

    Mexican Magazine "Dia Siete" w Moz on cover

    * Who might lay their hands on the mag, scan it, translate it? *found on fleabay (therefore name of seller on pic), website hasn't listed it yet
  19. Quiffaa

    German Radio Stn celebrates Moz'day

    on WDR 5, Friday, 12.05 am and 9.05 pm). 'Der britische Musiker Morrissey feiert 50 Jahre Einsamkeit - Uli Hufen gratuliert (WDR 5, Freitag, 12.05 und 21.05 Uhr)'.
  20. Quiffaa

    Moz extracts from mixed shows (interview & music snippets (of others))

    just his beautiful speaking voice ... ... without the music of other people like in the singled out radio show with Howard Devoto and Janice Long from 1987 .... other moz-voice-only-snippets (from concerts or swhere else) please?
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