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    Happy new year!

    Happy new year, strangers. Roast pork and lentils will be on tonight's menu, pork will bring us luck and lentils will hopefully mean loads of money in the new year. All the best to you too!
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    Depeche Mode announce European tour in 2013

    Depeche Mode announce 2013 Stadium Tour Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher will play 34 must-see shows in 25 European countries to an audience of more than 1.5 million fans, before taking the tour to North America. The tour kicks of f with an open-air stadium show in Tel Aviv’s...
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    Song title word game

    (All the previous ones are archived, so there.) The rules are simple, and few: Rule 1: someone (in this case, me) posts an initial song title. Rule 2: the following person replies with a different song title sharing a word with the title previously posted... and so on, so forth, ad infinitum...
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    ...was a good year. It gave us Morrissey, Andrew Eldritch of the Sisters of Mercy, and Hugh Laurie, whose birthday is today. (Thanks to Cornelius Blaze for the reminder!)
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    Happy birthday, NRitH

    Boldog születésnapot, öregfiú! :guitar:
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    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to all of you, guys!
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    Sisters of Mercy/Andrew Eldritch interview on New Zeland radio,_the_andrew_eldrich Lovely, friendly, down-to-earth interview. Worth a listen!
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    Dead Can Dance will be touring Europe this autumn

    More info here: (They're coming to Budapest too, it'll be lovely to see them again after 16 years!)
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    Where/how do you store your music?

    I might just take a giant leap and stop buying music CDs. :tears: There's just too many of them I listen to my mp3 player only, plugged into a cd-player. So, here's the question: if I convert my music into digital format, how should I store them? I have a notebook with limited memory, so I...
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    The Incredible History of the Sisters of Mercy

    Does anybody have it for download? It's available in vinyl only. :(
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    This may be pretty "normal" elsewhere...

    ...but I don't recall anything like this has ever happened before in Hungary. One dead in Hungarian university shooting: officialThu Nov 26, 2:25 pm ET BUDAPEST (AFP) – A student at a university in southern Hungary opened fire on his classmates on Thursday, killing one person and wounding...
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    Man v. Food

    I just saw this programme on tv, if you don't know it, here's a brief summary: a guy called Adam Richman travels all over the US and tries all kinds of food, even the most horrendous ones. Not only tries, but he participates in eating contests as well. To my greatest surprise, he doesn't weigh...
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    Any good looking bald(ing) males on solo?

    I know there are, embrace your receding hairline and stop hiding. :D
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    Today is the anniversary of the Pan-European Picnic

    Pan-European Picnic From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The Pan-European Picnic (German: Paneuropäisches Picknick; Hungarian: Páneurópai piknik) was a peace demonstration held on the Austrian-Hungarian border near the town of Sopron on 19 August 1989, an important event in political...
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    Commodore 64

    Did anyone use it, back in the days? In my childhood, in the 80s, behind the iron curtain it was the best computer you could possibly get. Very often I feel certain nostalgia - if only I could use it again and play the games I spent so many hours playing with.... Which game was your...
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    It's Pottery, Darlings!

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    Tom Jones live

    Has anyone seen him live lately? He's going to do a gig in Budapest in November and I'm thinking of going.... I love his recent stuff.
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    Do you listen to music...?

    ...while having sex? So, do you? :D
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    20 years ago today...

    20 years ago today late Hungarian Prime Minister Imre Nagy and 4 fellow martyrs were reburied in Budapest. All of them (among many others) had been executed as a result of the trials that followed the Anti-communist revolution of 1956. Imre Nagy and fellow martyrs had been buried in an unmarked...
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    Problems uploading pics

    I've been trying to upload pics from my comp (not from a URL) for a few days now and I'm still unable to do it. Anyone experiencing the same? Or is it just my comp?
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