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  1. Mad Vespa

    When things are going really, really badly - what do you do to turn it around?

    Obviously I stick Mozz/Smiths on quite loud. I also try to list my blessings. Have a bath - always helps. Any further suggestions welcome :)
  2. Mad Vespa

    where is he now?

    Where is he hiding, I can't decid? From lots of 'reports' - he has childcare issues we need to sort out ... kiddin' :)
  3. Mad Vespa

    The other night I was really hacked off so I ...

    ... went on to You Tube and watched Morrissey video after Smith's video after Mozz ... until I stopped feeling sorry for myself and very quickly became elated and went to bed *around 4am* happy as f***. Next time you need to, try it. And by the way, I actually cried at some songs ... that...
  4. Mad Vespa

    Is anyone else watching BBC 4 and celebrating Elvis?

    It's Elvis' 75th birthday ( yes I know ...) and the BBC are running Aloha from Hawaii followed by ... Sings Elvis. Just in case you love his character like I do .... enjoy! x
  5. Mad Vespa

    How do you and your Mother get on?

    I had a new baby a few weeks ago, I called my 'estranged' mother and offered to bring him over to meet her, she wanted to 'think about the arrangements' .... she never called me back. Xmas Eve. Great parenting ...
  6. Mad Vespa

    Hello - I've been a life-long Morrissey Fan

    But I've quite often found this Forum difficult - I know we're all fans of the same thing but there seems to be a real dischord. I just wondered how many of us came here to bounce important Mozz detail off each other and how many came to bitch ... sadly I see more negative than positive. In...
  7. Mad Vespa

    Last night I dreamed ...

    That Morrissey loved me, it was a rather strange gig where Mozz moved amongst the audience to sing - when he got to me he was singing 'Last Night ...' then he looked me in the eye for 10 seconds or so and then kissed me passionately on the mouth!!! I was freaked out! After the gig I went...
  8. Mad Vespa

    Friday 8th Barra's x1 ticket

    Face value (£37) ticket for Friday. Can arrange to meet you at the venue beforehand or at/before Thursday night gig which would be easier for me.
  9. Mad Vespa

    Mariachi Morrissey

    Where can I hear some some Mozzesque Marichi stuff?
  10. Mad Vespa

    I know it's am old one ... but ..

    ... I'm trying to finalise artwork for my tattoo in a few weeks. I plan to have the 'M' flourish from ROTT in the middle of my back. I need hi-res outline of the artwork. Can you help? X
  11. Mad Vespa

    Whatever happened to Jim Rome?

    I miss his wit and delicate sarcasm. Come back Jim? :)
  12. Mad Vespa


    Hats off to them - they are theonly radio station I have EVER heard play The Smiths and Morrissey and now they're running adverts for the forthcoming dates. Good work :)
  13. Mad Vespa

    I don't want to be crude but ...

    ... these new perfumed Tampons. Who benefit's? Discuss. :p
  14. Mad Vespa

    From Morrissey to Morrisons ....

    A new angle for the p*ss take, I was on a night out at the weekend, sporting the black T-shirt with the white calligrapy Moz on it when I met a half cut comedian who pronunced 'Ah! Morrisons! have you come here straight from your shift then?!!" I have to say, I laughed. He also asked me if I...
  15. Mad Vespa


    Anyone have any of the above for inclusion on my iPod - can't seem to find any through the usual channels. Good summer music :)
  16. Mad Vespa

    Just back from Italy ...

    How funny to hear the sirens for the Police/Ambulance and to spring into The Youngest ... much to the amusement of my partner. happened 3/4 times a day :rolleyes:
  17. Mad Vespa

    ROTT Tv Adverts

    I just saw this on More 4 - have they been aired a lot?
  18. Mad Vespa

    The Importance of Being Morrissey

    Anyone have a link for this that will run in Quicktime? If not, any idea where I can buy/upload it from? Many thanks :)
  19. Mad Vespa

    Uncut magazine

    Did i miss the interview? I see June's edition on the shelves :mad:
  20. Mad Vespa

    Uncut Interview

    Sorry - just realised it's out just now :?
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