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  1. Franzanna

    Classical Composers' Pop/ Rock Counterparts

    Okay, I just came up with a silly activity where we work out classical composers' counterparts in the pop genres. These will be worked out by analysing the musical style, fan base or the personality (or all) of the composer and working out who in pop is their closest match. :) Let's...
  2. Franzanna

    Any Artist's Songs Represented by Stuff in Paint

    Because everyone loves the Moz one so much, how about we try a generic one? :) Same rules as the Smiths/Moz one, but extended a bit. Try to draw songs that you know at least one soloer knows. Obscure songs/album tracks are welcome, but make sure there's at least one person here who knows it...
  3. Franzanna

    What is Your Brain's Gender?

    Seeing as Off-Topic has kaboomed, I thought I might assist Buzzetta in rebuilding it. So, do work this out, you need 20 or so minutes and this link: I'm dead centre - neither masculine nor feminine.
  4. Franzanna

    Generic Misheard Lyrics

    Seeing as we have the specialised Smiths/Morrissey misheard lyrics, why not have mondgreenes(spelling?) for every single other band? :p Two of my classics (first misheard at about three years old): 'I fought the Law' by The Clash - 'I fought the Lauren, the Lauren' instead of 'I fought the...
  5. Franzanna

    Book and Film Titles in Other Languages

    I've been looking online for book titles in German this morning so I can write about a book I like in my German oral. Sadly, I can't seem to find many. I'll continue looking, but if anyone can list some (especially 'The L-Shaped Room'), that would be great. :) I know 'The Devil Wears Prada'...
  6. Franzanna

    Doctor, doctor...

    Or alternatively quack, quack... :p I have a lump behind my left ear, which I've had for as long as I can remember. I reckon it's a cyst or something else that's not malignant. Today it hurts and it feels swollen (well, more swollen than usual), what do you lot think is wrong with me? I have...
  7. Franzanna

    The Weird Dream Thread

    Come one, come all, and post whichever weird dreams you can remember that were curious, eccentric, nonsensical or just plain weird. :p Now, last night I had a very strange dream involving a church and Westlife. I was sat to the right of the central passageway, and there were about 5 people...
  8. Franzanna

    The 'I'm Going Away for a Bit' Thread

    ... Because there are far too many of these threads lingering. :p Anyway, I make this thread because I'm going to Switzerland for a bit, and some people might get worried/unnecessarily ecstatic because they think I've either died or, if they've seen my current location, that I've run away. :p...
  9. Franzanna

    The 'I'm Getting My Hair Cut' Thread

    ... And I don't know quite how to get it done. :p I'm thinking of a just past chin-length bob with a fringe, like Sandie Shaw had 'Long Live Love' era. Any ideas? And no joke ideas like a #1 or a quiff, thanks. :rolleyes: My Mama won't let me get it cut too short.
  10. Franzanna

    Have you ever got covered in biro ink and needed to get it off?

    I ask this because it happened to me today during physics. Four of my classmates started drawing all up my arms, so now both my arms are covered in (some rather obscene) comments and pictures. :( I had to wear my cardigan for the rest of the day, even though I was really hot. The ink's still...
  11. Franzanna

    The Illness Thread

    This here is a thread for the Solo-ers/ people they know who aren't feeling very well at the moment. :) Give as many or as few details as you want about your illness. I've started this as I woke up this morning with an upset stomach, and as I needed the toilet every half-hour, I had to stay...
  12. Franzanna

    Who's your Moz-solo non-crush but you admire them?

    Because you're not allowed to choose underage soloers on the 'who's your Moz-solo crush?' thread, here you can give your platonic love to the young'uns. :) Ok, I'll admit that I'm being just a little bit of an attention-seeker. :p I just wanna be admired by someone! Is that too much to ask...
  13. Franzanna

    Stalked by phone

    Last night some clown decided to phone me at 1.45 am. The screen on my mobile said 'anonymous number', and I picked it up. I didn't hear anything so I ended the call, only for it to ring again so I pressed the end call button. It rang again, and, thinking it might be important, I answered. Then...
  14. Franzanna

    The Long-Distance Phone Call thread

    I phoned someone today, who lives in another EU country (Ireland), mobile to mobile. I talked to him for 2 minutes 33 seconds, and the bill came to... £4.85. I worked out that as being 2.5p per second. Who can beat me? :p
  15. Franzanna

    Make-up: Yes or No?

    Essentially, this thread is about whether you like wearing make-up, whether you think people look better in make-up, or if you think they shouldn't for whatever reason. The reason I post this is because since I am now allowed to wear discreet make-up to school, I decided to buy myself some...
  16. Franzanna

    Paris aspires to be like Croydon

    Just heard this on BBC London News (it's what I recall of the news item because I couldn't find an online article on there): French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been looking for inspiration from London to rejuvenate down-at-heel areas of Paris. The president has commissioned British...
  17. Franzanna

    Morrissey's Sidcup fixation

    Right, so far I've come across at least 4 references to my local Sidcup from Mr. Morrissey, and I'm sure there are more, but does anyone know why he talks about Sidcup so much? Has he been there? Does he know someone who lives there? Or did he just get an Ordnance Survey map and stick a pin in...
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