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  1. thelastofthefamous

    MTV’s 120 Minutes

    So, MTV’s 120 Minutes is something that I continue to cling to in my middle aged-madness as it were! Music remains as my life force and I remember the days of 120 Minutes quite fondly…including the loveable old curmudgeon himself, Dave Kendall! Back in the day, in my high school and college...
  2. thelastofthefamous

    Morrissey's 1st solo show at Wolverhampton

    A friend of mine at Uncut is working on a feature on Morrissey's first solo show at Wolverhampton and is looking to see if there is any memorabilia for it about. Programmes, flyers, tickets etc. They are going to use Kevin Cummins photographs of the show but the problem is that because...
  3. thelastofthefamous

    Moz/Smiths shirts/posters for sale

    Have listed a few more Moz/Smiths items as I pare down for moving this summer. Here's a link to one: Cheers!
  4. thelastofthefamous

    Selling lots of Moz/Smiths subway posters, vinyl, live silver cds, shirts etc on ebay

    Paring down my collection a bit before moving later in the year. Lots of subway size posters, original live silver cd’s (not cd-r’s), vinyl and other odds and ends have been listed on ebay for you to take a gander at if you so desire…cheers! Here’s a link to one of can of course...
  5. thelastofthefamous

    For fans of the late great Lush

    I definitely miss this band something terribly...they were amazing and incredibly underrated. For those of you who also adore Lush, a good friend of mine has recently unleashed the most comprehensive Lush website ever. You can spend hours reading through old articles and checking out all the...
  6. thelastofthefamous

    The Best of The Smiths etched wooden box set on eBay
  7. thelastofthefamous

    1-2 Baltimore tix for sale

    Hi there! I unfortunately have two extra tix to Balt tomorrow as a couple of friends have had to bail out on this show. I don't need to necessarily sell these as a pair. I am still attending and plan to be at the venue at some point in the morning to begin the wait in line. I have the tix...
  8. thelastofthefamous

    The Smiths Westwood One radio 2 cd set on eBay
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