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  1. Cornflakes

    TQID reissue virtual CD 5

    A compilation of 11 live tracks and "missing" demos, serving as a virtual fifth CD of the TQID reissue (the forth CD being made up of the download-only live tracks). I put this together primarily for myself. There's nothing new here, and I'm aware it omits one of the demos of Rubber Ring, but I...
  2. Cornflakes

    "Some Girls..." (live, Brixton Academy, London, Dec. 12, '86) released on Spotify

    Doesn't seem any different to the version we all know and love. Still has the slight tape hiss at the beginning. Quite perfect as it is, though. Related item: Share memories using the hashtag to appear on The Official Smiths site; new live track every Monday - July 31, 2017
  3. Cornflakes

    Morrissey collaborators who got their coats in 2016

    Just enough time to remember Dale Griffin Pete Burns Victoria Wood David Bowie
  4. Cornflakes

    What Do You See In Him lyrics

    I googled for the lyrics to What Do You See In Him, but found the internet didn't have anything satisfactory to offer. Here's what I think the lyrics are, but maybe you hear differently. The toughest bit was the end of the second line. It's the only thing I can come up with that both sounds...
  5. Cornflakes

    "In Heat" live Smiths compilation, new version

    I posted this compilation a few years ago and it got quite a few downloads, but I've revisited it in the light of various upgrades that have come to light since then. The tracklisting is a bit different, and some of the tracks that are the same are now improved versions. It's basically now all...
  6. Cornflakes

    Mexrissey Manchester Ritz Jan 27

    Actually 27th. According to a notification on my phone. Them's gonna be some sought-after tickets. ETA: I double checked and it's actually Mexrissey. Please delete this thread, and I'll get a new phone.
  7. Cornflakes

    New Smiths TV performances on YouTube

    I've recently added two new videos to YouTube. In both cases, it's the first time they have been available on the Internet with broadcast-quality audio and complete from beginning to end. Still Ill on the Tube, 1984: Bigmouth Strikes Again on...
  8. Cornflakes

    New version of Smiths 1985 Madrid video

    The Smiths live at the Paseo de Camoens, Madrid, May 1985, as broadcast on Spanish TV. With better audio and without the little silences that the commonly available version has.
  9. Cornflakes

    Johnny Marr joins fight to save Night and Day Café Iconic Manchester music venue Night and Day faces closure because of a complaint from a neighbour. For those of you not familiar with Manchester, it's on Oldham Street, the heart of "alternative"...
  10. Cornflakes

    Curious Johnny Marr quote

    From The North Will Rise Again by John Robb, p. 96. The curious part is that these three songs are Morrissey-Duffy compositions, according to Mozipedia, although either Johnny or Goddard has got one title slightly wrong. Considering that Morrissey only performed in public twice with the band...
  11. Cornflakes

    Liverpool Royal Court 1986 remaster A nice remaster of a 1986 set by The Smiths as part of a benefit concert for Liverpool City Council. There's an MP3 preview here, which starts with about 30 seconds of the version previously in...

    The Smiths And ’80s Indie Style -

    The Smiths And ’80s Indie Style - MOJO The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, bowl cuts, pointy boots… 5 classic indie looks critiqued by A Scene In Between author Sam Knee. By IAN HARRISON Excerpt: Sam Knee’s fashion analysis: “The Smiths look – which, obviously due to the band’s enormous...
  13. Cornflakes

    Article: London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony torchlighting segment titled "There Is

    The torchlighting segment was titled "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out". Opening Ceremony Media Guide (pdf) -
  14. Cornflakes

    Smiths "In Heat" live compilation

    I posted a different version of this a couple of months ago, but this is at least 15 or 16 times better. It's a CD-length MP3 compilation of live Smiths tracks and, this time round, it really rocks. I've almost definitely found the best sources for everything and I've taken some time to tweak...
  15. Cornflakes

    Smiths live compliation

    I've uploaded a compilation of Smiths live recordings as a present to the world. I've also DIY "remastered" most of the recordings. So they are better than the versions you already have. In theory, at least. It's titled "In Heat", which was a proposed title for the Rank LP. There's cover...
  16. Cornflakes

    "Restored" version of Girl Afraid, Amsterdam 1983

    Thought I would share this MP3 which I made for myself. The 1984 Vinyl Party recording has some sort of glitch about 1 min 20 into Girl Afraid. At least, it does on the version I have. I'm not sure what it is, but maybe the radio station was trying to mask a drop-out or a stage noise. A shame...
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